Would you like to join us for Summer at the Sorbonne?

Summer School at the Sorbonne

We have a new idea…

How would you like to continue your studies at the University of Paris and gain hands-on experience in campus ministry?

Who wouldn’t!? Read on…

World Team France is mobilizing students to attend the Université d’Eté at one of the oldest universities in the world, la Sorbonne. A fresh wind of faith is needed in France today. Come to Paris and explore the challenges of sharing the Gospel in a place where secularism reigns and the Bible is seen as a thing of the past. Engage students who no longer believe that God exists while you learn from missionaries experienced in communicating truth in a post-Christian climate.

Explore your long-term calling by going short-term. Learn more about yourself while using you gifts and talents in an environment different from your own. Learn more about the world as you worship with and serve alongside people in Paris and it’s suburbs. World Team France’s Summer at the Sorbonne gives you maximum hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry while furthering long-term church planting efforts. And you’ll experience life-on-life discipleship by a missionary mentor.

Here are the details…

Ideal candidate:

University students* who journey with fellow students relationally in order to grow together spiritually. This short-term opportunity is available for French speakers and for those who wish to begin studying the French language.

*Ideally two years experience in higher education


Three-week option from June 27 to July 17, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–17: Debriefing

Six-week option from June 27 to August 7, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–21: Week 3 – Cycle
  • July 22–28: Week 4 – Cycle
  • July 29 – August 4: Visit church plants of World Team France
  • August 5–7: Debriefing


Three weeks: June 27 – July 17, 2018

  • Tuition: 800 € minimum
  • Room: 1,112 €
  • Board: 630 €
  • Transportation: 110 €

Total : 2,652 € = $ 3,110**

Six weeks : June 27 – August 7, 2018

  • Tuition : 1,800 € minimum
  • Room : 2,276 €
  • Board : 1,260 €
  • Transportation : 110 €

Total : 5,446 € = $ 6,380**

**This is the total cost for an individual student. Room and board expenses will decrease dramatically if we are able mobilize a team. Tuition costs vary some depending on the classes chosen.

I’ve organized short-term mission trips for a few years now. I’ve helped to recruit and prepare teams. I’ve mentored and debriefed teams. I’ve always found it tricky to include significant hands-on ministry opportunities in short-term trips. This trip should change all that. Students will have their very own mission field…the campuses of the University of Paris. I’m excited about this.

Would you like to join us at Summer at the Sorbonne? Would you spread the word? Would you help us mobilize a few students to this opportunity?

For more information, write Chad Deakyne at chad.deakyne@worldteam.org

Here are the various classes that offered at the Université d’Ete:

  • French language course: all levels are offered from Beginners to Advanced
  • Cycle 1: Aux sources de la culture européenne : l’Antiquité gréco-romaine
  • Cycle 2: L’Europe des Lumières
  • Cycle 3: Modernité et postmodernité
  • Cycle 4: Au cœur de la vie des français: la table un patrimoine unique. Culture, pratique et représentation de l’alimentation en France
  • Cycle 5: The Sorbonne in English (English)
  • Cycle 6: Les classiques de la littérature française
  • Cycle 7: Paris, fabrique d’une capitale: 5.000 ans d’histoire
  • Cycle 8: Les femmes françaises
  • Cycle 9: Paris, toujours Paris
  • Cycle 10: La France: Histoire et mémoire
  • Cycle 11: Identité(s) française(s)