New Teammate Introduction: Julie

How did you get connected to World Team France?

I first heard about World Team through a couple of good friends at my church in Atlanta. They were in the process of joining World Team France and shared with me some of what they would be doing once they arrived. That was 4 or 5 years ago and since then my friends have finished their first term as I’m starting mine! Riley and Alissa can get credit for me joining (well really it was all ordained by the Lord, but from our perspective, they were very influential).

Describe your current ministry project

Right now I’m diving into the ministry of language learning. I have about one year of school to learn the language and culture well before starting an internship with an established church to continue learning language and culture. Eventually I will join one of World Team’s church plants.

What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work (either in your life or in your ministry)?

Recently the Lord has been showing me how faithful He is to answer prayer, whether in big or small ways. A couple different answers I’ve seen have been in providing language helpers and opportunities to practice French outside of the classroom and miraculously sorting out administrative issues (such as getting my boxes through customs without certain paperwork or suddenly letting my phone work completely). He really has been good to me with providing an easier transition to life in France than I might have expected.

How can our partners pray for you or your ministry project this year?

Language learning and the energy and drive to learn well and embrace the difficulties that come with minimal language skills. Continued opportunities to practice language and develop friendships with those I meet in my community.


New Teammate Introduction: Augustin

Augustin is from the French Island of Guadeloupe, and has lived in France for the last 20 years. He joined the team working in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris in October last year. Although he initially joined World Team for a one-year internship, he is now hoping to stay long-term. Here’s what he has to say about his time with World Team France so far.

How did you get connected to World Team France? 

I was a student at Geneva Bible Institute when Chad and Ryan, two World Team France members, came to visit the college looking for interns for their project in Paris. I was looking for opportunities to work in evangelism and church-planting in France, so it seemed like a good fit.

Describe your current ministry project.

I joined the project in the 15th which is in it’s early stages, but is aiming to plant a network of house churches. During this internship year, there are two areas in which I’m working; I participate in the life of the team and the community forming around the team, and also I try to meet new people and build new relationships in order to share the gospel.

I am also working to raise the financial support that I need to be able to work long-term with World Team in France.

Where have you seen God most at work (in life or ministry)? 

I am amazed that God brought me to work for World Team — because World Team originally started in the Caribbean and started many churches in my home country of Guadeloupe, but I had never heard of them until I was in Geneva. I also can see how God has brought me into the right team here in Paris, it is a team that I fit into and can work well with despite being from a different culture.

In ministry, it is good to see how God is at work as we put things in place for the project, even though we can only go step-by-step and each step might seem small to us. It is also wonderful how God gives us opportunities to build new friendships with people in a variety of different ways; for example we held a ping-pong tournament recently, and a few weeks after I met one of the participants in the street and he suggested that we meet up sometime.

How can our partners pray for you and your ministry?

Pray for me to be able to better manage my time, as I try to balance all my responsibilities.

Please pray that I will find new partners, both for prayer and financial support. I am taking a trip to the US this summer to try and raise more support, so please pray for me as I make plans and travel. I have a personal website (in french) you can follow as well: https://augustinenfrance.wordpress.com


New teammate introductions: Nicole

How did you get connected to World Team France?

Having felt called to ministry for a long time, I surrendered to the Lord on my high school graduation day my need to know what was next or where I was headed. But just that summer, (2014 – I know I am a young one) I began feeling called to France.

That Fall I began studying Intercultural Studies/Missiology and Organizational Communications at Cedarville University. Even just during my first few weeks, I felt that France was everywhere in my life. Never being the girl that dreamt of going to Paris, now every single one of my classes was connected to France in some way, and other random Frenchy things were sprinkled into my life—like randomly receiving a French/English Bible in the mail. God was teaching me about the diverse ministry needs in France and ways in which I have both experiences that will lend themselves well to ministry there and ways in which it would be difficult for me. He used all of this to break my heart for the people of France.

One evening while I was with a church group serving refugees, someone asked me the famous college-student question: “What do you want to do after graduation?” So, I shared my heart for ministry and what God had been doing with France. One of the couples then shared that the previous summer they had been to France for a Prayer Conference with World Team.

Having never heard of World Team (WT) before, I was quite surprised when the very next day there was a WT table set up in the student center of my university. I walked right up to the table (normally I would not do so, but I felt that I had an ironic story to share). Sure enough, one of the main reasons they were there was to recruit interns for a short-term trip to France to aid with the Paris Prayer Conference.

I applied right away, and soon the Paris Prayer Conference was on my calendar for the following summer. And throughout this time, God continued working, growing my vision for ministry. I also ended up accepting an internship with another organization to extend my time and experience in Paris.

During the Paris Prayer Conference, I just fell in love with France in a way I would have never imagined. Maybe even more so, I fell in love with the people of France VIE (World Team France). One day during the trip, we devoted a time of prayer to praying for new workers to come and join the team. Some of the missionaries joked with us interns that it was a dangerous thing for us to pray. I joked back—I already know I’m coming back, this prayer is not dangerous. However, it was in that moment that I felt God call me specifically to Paris, which is truly something I never imagined.

After returning from Paris, I spent the following two years working as a Campus Ambassador (somewhat of a recruiting intern) for WT. God used this time to cement my calling and be continuously placing my mind on France. He grew within me a desire to come to France in a way that involves being a church planter while also using practical skills/jobs/school to build relationships with people and contribute to the local community.

So, it just seemed to make sense that I would graduate after my Junior year and head to France to continue my education. I moved to France and joined the team in September 2018 as WT’s first Bi-Vocational Missionary in France.

Describe your current ministry project

As a result of my somewhat divided life, my current ministry looks a bit more multi-faceted than it does for many missionaries. I am in the process of going to language school and improving my French, I’m an English-teaching nanny for a family with 3 kids in the afternoon, I get to participate as somewhat of a part-time missionary on our team in the 15th district of Paris, AND God blessed me with a ministry to other international students at my school when 2 of my friends accepted Christ last October!

What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work (either in your life or in your ministry)?

I think the biggest thing that He has been teaching me over the last 4 years of this movement towards France is just truly how BIG He is and how SMALL I am. I am so grateful for how clearly He has called me here—both in things that happened prior to my leaving, and in many things that have happened since my arrival. But all the details of what this looks like have changed so many times throughout this process. My understanding of what I am doing or where I am headed seems to be at a different level each day. As He gifts me with ministry visions, some of them end up happening and others just become stepping stones to where He wants me to be. It’s amazing to me how He truly works through everything and how He can direct and use me as He pleases despite the times that I feel I’ve failed or just simply lost. It’s too true that it’s HIS mission and HIS ministry. And ultimately, that is incredibly encouraging and exciting—never knowing what will happen next. So, I’m learning to let Him be the one to figure it out, and just trying to be in-step with Him, not too far ahead or too far behind.

How can our partners pray for you or your ministry project this year?

In a similar vein, while I have been learning to let Him figure out what is next, I am coming upon a time of lots of big decisions that will have deep effects on my ministry for the next 5 to 10 years. So, prayers for clarity, wisdom, and discernment are welcome as I walk a ground that has truly yet to be travelled in our team and mission. Also, you can PRAISE God with me. I am just about to cross the line of 8 months in France and while there have definitely been difficult moments (or months), I truly cannot believe how incredibly and miraculously God has blessed me and my ministry during my time here. He has already taught me so much and I’m so grateful for this life of insanity I get to live for the sake of the Gospel.