Seeds of Hope:
a fundraising project to launch church planters in France.



As World Team France, our goal is to Mobilize new teams, Train them to multiply disciples, Equip them to multiply communities of believers and Support them in taking the Gospel within reach of lost people wherever they go.

The Seeds of Hope campaign seeks to raise the financial resources needed to accomplish objectives in each of these four domains. By participating, you can help us launch even more workers in the harvest.

In order to fully fund each of our initiatives, our three-year goal is to raise a total of $215,000.

  • Would you partner with us by giving a specified monthly amount over the course of 3 years?
  • Would you give a special gift to Seeds of Hope of $25, $50, $100 or some other amount?
  • Would you join the movement and become a champion for Seeds of Hope by sharing it with your church, your small group, and your friends?
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How will this money be used?

Here’s a brief overview:



Mobilization means finding gifted and called church planters and getting them to the areas where they are needed most. We mobilize primarily through these means:

  • communicating through social media and blogs
  • offering summer internships that expose next generation workers to hands-on ministry
  • visiting campuses of Bible schools and seminaries in France and Europe
  • participating in conferences and events that unite French and European Christians


Our desire is to see the vision of World Team France driven by national believers, pushing us to train leaders who are called and gifted but need further development to reach their full potential. We will facilitate training in the following ways:

  • offering academic scholarships to those who pursue biblical studies and agree to a 10-month internship with WT France
  • providing a paid part-time internship to future leaders interested in exploring the possibilities of church planting work with WT France


The next step is equipping the next generation of church planters with the means to get started and flourish in their ministries. We equip workers by:

  • creating a launch fund that allows French church planters to begin serving full-time while giving them three years to raise the remainder of their own financial support
  • offering opportunities to all of our workers for ongoing professional development


As the France field grows with members from many different countries, there is an increased need to provide the support that frees each one to focus on the ministry to which he or she has been called. Ongoing administration from capable support staff would make our efforts more efficient. We will provide support in the following ways:

  • hiring a part-time administrative assistant
  • compensating a certified accounting firm


A full, detailed project description with further budget information is available upon request.

Contact us with any questions: