You’ll hear a lot about interdependence in World Team circles. The church planting work on the ground is done in teams, but perhaps even more important is the entire team that is working behind the scenes to make this work actually happen. This is a work done in partnership, and each of you can play an important role in a variety of ways.

1. Stay Informed: Check this blog regularly. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Every church planter in FranceVIE send out personal newsletters. Some send regular prayer updates. Some have blogs of their own. There are many ways to stay connected, so if you are looking for more information on a specific project or church planter, just let us know.

2. Pray: If God has promised to build his church, we must be constantly seeking his help and wisdom. Prayer is what drives our work, and we need your help. Use our updates to guide your prayers or get in touch with us to learn our most current concerns. Find creative ways to remind yourself to pray, or set up a regular meeting with friends to make it happen.

3. Give: Your financial support allows many of us to devote ourselves to this work full time and helps to get our church plants off the ground. There are many opportunities to partner with us financially:

  • Support a French national church planter
  • Give to FranceVIE, money that will go towards internship or training scholarships for French nationals, administrative costs, and events associated with all of our various projects
  • Partner with a specific church planting project to give toward specific events and project-related needs
  • Get a France appointee (those currently raising support) to the field
  • Ask if cross-cultural church planters have existing support needs
  • Contact us for any specific information, and then give through World Team here.

4. Communicate: Share what you’ve learned with others. Pass the information on to those who might be interested. Send a link, forward an email. Hold an event in your home or at your church. Keep it simple: gather some friends, make some crepes, read the latest update together or Skype a FranceVIE member, then spend some time in prayer.

5. Come and visit: The annual Paris Prayer Connection is the ideal way to learn more about what’s going on here. It is a one week trip with the goal of learning first hand about the spiritual climate in France, visiting many of our teams and projects, and spending a lot of time praying for the work in France. Our internships are another great way to put your skills to use and learn firsthand what it takes to plant a church. It you’re interested in either, please get in touch with us!

6. Be creative: This list gives the most basic and obvious ideas; but don’t hesitate to get creative! Use your God-given gifts and interests to partner with us, like our friends in Harrisburg who sell thousands of books each year. Or the intern that created a talent-show-competition-fundraiser. Or the appointees that held a giant yard sale with items their church donated. Or the graphic designer that created logos for our church planting associations. Or the college girl that came just to babysit during the summer. Or work teams that came to renovate a church building. We could go on…