World Team France finds its origin across the ocean in the French West Indies and the island of Guadeloupe, where WT had already been working for many years. During the 60s, there was a significant increase of Guadeloupians who were leaving the island to work and study in mainland France. Observing this movement, the Evangelical church of Guadeloupe decided in 1975 to participate in the Evangelical efforts in France. In partnership with WT, they sent two couples to the Paris region.

With that, just a few years later, the Millers and the Hamlets opened this new church planting work and with it a new mission “field” for World Team, still in close collaboration with the church in Guadeloupe and the Evangelical Federation of France.

As a result of this new possibility, many more workers arrived in the subsequent years, and the work grew and gradually morphed, no longer focusing only on the Antillean population but instead seeking to make an impact among the French who are nominally Catholic and primarily secular, agnostic, or atheist.

In 1987, World Team France became an officially recognized association and mission in France, known as France VIE with 15 founding members. In more recent years, many of those founding members have moved on to other roles, positions, and locations, but to complete the transition, new church planters have been arriving to carry on the work, including many members of France and Germany.

Through all the changes, certain values have remained readily apparent in characterizing our work, including working in multicultural teams and developing and releasing leaders in order to see communities of believers formed and multiplying across France.

World Team France has played just a small role in a significant growth of French Evangelical churches, and we rejoice in the growth we observe around us. Since 1970, there have been 1,600 churches planted across the country.