Paris Prayer Connection

In June 2018 nine people came to France from the US and Germany for a week of connecting; with God, with each other, with church planters, and with the French people. During the week, the group visited many of the World Team France ministries in Paris and the surrounding region, heard testimonies and stories from French church planters, and spent time in prayer together. By the end of the week the group had a new understanding of the spiritual climate in France, and the unique needs of church planters here. 

We asked the members of the group about their highlights from the week. Here are some of the things they shared:

  • The dinners that were prepared by different church planters and missionaries each evening, giving the group an opportunity to hear each one’s story and to better understand their ministries

  • The Paris history walk where they stopped at key sites in Paris to pray

  • The testimonies of how God changed the lives of specific people and where they are today because of it

Each person who came was impacted in some way. Some are now exploring a call to serve in missions, others are encouraging friends and family to also pray for France. None were left unmoved or unchanged by their time at the Paris Prayer Connection. 

In June 2019, another group will come to France for the next Paris Prayer Connection. Like last year, they will visit projects, meet church-planters, hear testimonies from local Christians, and discover how God is at work in France. They will spend time in prayer together, lifting up the nation of France to the Lord, asking Him to build His church and Kingdom among the French people. They will experience joy as they see what God is already doing, and sadness at how many people are still living without Him. They will learn more about France, about God, and about themselves, and they will form relationships with people who share their heart for the lost. 

Are you going to be in this group of people? Are you ready to give a week of your time to come and join us in prayer for the nation of France and the lost people here? This is your opportunity; don’t miss it. 

For more information, or to register, visit http://www.parisprayerconnection.com


Team retreat in the hills of Jura

The Jura department in Eastern France is a region of rolling hills, thick woodlands, historical buildings and vineyards. In this beautiful region, on the edge of the tiny village of Joudes, stands the Chateau de Joudes, an impressive 17th century building that now serves as a retreat and conference centre. This is where the World Team France team gathered for a week for our annual retreat. We all made the most of the beautiful area; some people went on hikes, others visited a vineyard or the quaint local town of Saint Amour. The kids had a great time playing in the grounds of the chateau and making friends with the animals!

It wasn’t all adventures in the countryside! Great teaching from Eliézer (one of the founding members of World Team France) led us to reflect upon the different adventure of living our lives as missionaries in France, and the place of prayer in that adventure. For me, right at the beginning of my life in France, it was a great reminder that whatever I will do in the years ahead will be a participation in the work of God, and that it is through prayer that this will be effective.

We also took time together as a team to consider some of the issues that affect us in our work, such as resilience, multi-cultural teams and leadership. We also shared our stories with one another, prayed together, worshiped, played games, painted, ate great food, made new friends and strengthened old friendships. What a great week — I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

An article by Rachel

My Gospel Choir brings the house down

A review by Carol

What a great Gospel concert we heard in St. Remy-les-Chevreuse last weekend. Our church sponsored My Paris Gospel Choir, a French choir with around 30 singers and a 7-member band. Our team handed out posters and flyers, designed cards, ordered banners, made food for the techies, and talked about what we could do afterward to invite people to keep them thinking about a spiritual life and Jesus. We decided on a Café Gourmand (an informal event that happened the next day). There will be 3 more follow-up events after the concert.

It was a powerful, fun, dancing for the Lord in our seats kind of evening. 500 was capacity and we had standing room only when they began singing. My Paris Gospel choir has been around for 17 years and the director is also the pastor of the church he founded just a few years ago called My Gospel Church. They meet on a riverboat on the Seine river in Paris.

Russell and I just moved recently and have been getting to know our next door neighbor. She said she would love to join us for the concert and I prepared her ahead of time that we may be asked to participate. And boy were we. She loved it.

I was not prepared for the song, “Don’t Cry.” The lyrics,

“Why do you cry? He has risen. Why are you weeping? He’s not dead! He paid it all on that lonely highway. And his anointing I can feel. He shed his blood (ohh ohh ohh). For my transgressions (ohh ohh ohh). Why do you cry? He has risen. Why are you weeping? He’s not dead. So as you go through lifes’ journey. Don’t you worry, lift up your head. Don’t you cry (ohh ohh ohh) stop your weeping, (ohh ohh ohh) He has risen. He’s not dead!!! Don’t cry, wipe your eyes, He’s not dead!!!” And hearing the the crescendo of “ohh ohh ohh ohh’s” rising to the ceiling with a thunder and as loud as anyone can sing, again, “Don’t weep, He’s not asleep, Jehovah!!! He’s not dead!!!”

The auditorium was completely captured with the realization that He is alive! Why are we worrying?! Why are we crying?! Bravo! People were standing to their feet praising God. One of the most powerful moments I’ve had in a long time. Thank you Jesus!


Printemps de prière

This year World Team France is taking a year off from hosting the annual Paris Prayer Conference so we can redesign the experience for the coming years (more details about that soon!). But in the meantime we decided to have an internal prayer focus called the “Printemps de prière” which is happening this week. The concept is simple. Three days of intentional prayer for each of our church plants in the Paris region. Today, the team is up north visiting  three projects in Gisors and Méru. Thursday, the team will be in Paris praying for three projects there, and Friday we will go south of Paris to pray for our 4 projects there! Several of these projects are brand new so there is a lot of exciting stuff happening. Please join us in praying for the World Team France projects and workers. And pray for more national workers to join us in this awesome work.

Sharing about challenges and opportunities facing the projects in the North.

Time of intentional faith-filled prayer.


Mad in France 2017

Loud music thumping, massive crowd of people jumping, thousands of lights, fog machine, and lots of dancing, what does this sound like? A rock concert? I was thinking the same thing but this is exactly where God wanted three World Team workers and it was so much more than a rock concert.

Mad-in-France is a conference held every two years in France. It’s put on by French youth organizations for one purpose, reaching the French youth and creating enthusiasm and passion for Jesus. The style is loud and in your face. Lots of good upbeat music, rappers, dancers, artists, and a custom designed parkcours course (parkcours is more or less a crazy obstacle course).

World Team France was right in the middle of the action. We (Manu, Alissa, and me—Riley) were able to have a stand there during the three days. It was designed around the theme of Back to the Future. Apparently the old American movie is very popular with French youth, I asked a lot of the young people and they love this movie! The sign says, “Bien Partir pour Mieux Revenir!!” It means “Leave Well for Returning Better”.

Our vision is to send French youth away from their country so they will return better equipped and encouraged to share and engage their country with the Good News. We received a lot of strong feedback from the participants of the conference. Missions trips are not done as often as in most American churches, so a lot of the young people were very excited about the idea of going somewhere and engaging people with the Gospel.

For World Team France, we desire to have French people invest and work with us in making churches. One step in that direction is giving people the opportunity to work along side of us. Our hope and desire in participating at this conference is to get French young people thinking about being mission-minded.

Our goals at this conference:

  1. Get the name of World Team France (France Vie) out there
  2. Give the French youth a connection to short term missions
  3. Tell people about what World Team France is doing around Paris
  4. Walk by faith, challenging people, and trusting God with the results