Seeds of Hope : Mobilization

Right now in an eastern suburb of Paris, one of the largest annual gatherings of French Evangelicals is taking place. It’s called Centre Evangelique, open to the public and offered to Christians across the nation. Besides seminars, worship, and other programs, nearly every major Evangelical denomination, mission, ministry, organisation, Bible school, and publishing house is present. And World Team France is among them!

Mobilization is the word we use for finding workers who are willing to join us. God has given us big dreams and led us toward ambitious goals, but often what is missing are the people. Recent mobilization efforts have led to a new wave of younger church planters from overseas in recent years, but we also desire to see more French and European teammates joining us to form multicultural teams.

So how do we go about mobilizing? At its core it’s a lot of networking. It’s knowing who is out there and what they’re doing, and then making sure they know about us and our work too. Next, it’s realizing we’re all in this together, and our common goal is to direct the people God has called to the right places. Centre Evangélique is a perfect place to do just that.

IMG_4020Another place to do the some of the same thing is MissionNet, a European missions conference for youth and young adults that takes place in Germany. This year we’ll be sending a Frenchman and a German with a larger team from WT Europe.

Or another example: several times a year our director and a few teammates travel to French seminaries and Bible schools to interact with students who are discerning where God is calling them to serve in the future. With a national, interdenominational church planting initiative now in place, more young people are aware of and interested in opportunities to participate in establishing new communities of faith.

If we want to launch more church planters in France, the first step is mobilizing: networking, making ourselves known, and finding those gifted and called to work with us. And this is why it is the first domain of our Seeds of Hope plan and fundraising initiative.

Part of your donations to Seeds of Hope will go toward these mobilization efforts. They’ve already paid for the stand we’ve put up at Centre Evangélique and for the registration fees for participating. (Thank you!!) Your gifts will send our two teammates to Germany for MissionNet, and they’ll take with them freshly printed brochures and other communication pieces also made possible by Seeds of Hope. In the meantime, besides giving, join us in praying for more workers to join us in the harvest. Pray that we would recognize the God-given potential in the people we meet.

For more on Seeds of Hope, visit SeedsofHope.WorldTeamFrance.org.



Reaching the Finish line of the Paris-Versailles race

The sun was shining on Sunday and it was a beautiful day for a race. Seven World Team France members joined the 22,031 that came out to run the 10 miles from the Eiffel Tower to the Chateau in Versailles, while ten others joined in the 5K walk that borrowed the final route of the run. Congratulations to each of the participants for successfully finishing after months of preparation!

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We were also glad to be “joined” by a group of ten supporters in Pennsylvania who walked their own 5K Saturday morning in solidarity with us and who raised donations in their corner of the world. It was an encouraging display of support and partnership and we’re looking forward to seeing others join in similar ways in the future! Thanks, Team Coopersburg!photo(1)

In the end, we reached our fundraising goal and raised $5,665 thanks to your generous donations. Thank you to each one who gave! This money will go toward the Seeds of Hope initiative, being used for training and launching more church planters in France.

Just because the race is over does not mean the fundraising has ended, and if you did not donate to our race in time, the opportunity to give to Seeds of Hope remains. Feel free to learn more and give on this page, and stay tuned for further updates in the future.

Now, for the most curious among you, here is a video of what the Paris-Versailles race looks like…maybe you want to come run it with us next year?? (Save the date: Sept 25, 2016!)


Paris-Versailles Update: more teammates, with PA friends including Benjamin Franklin!

On September 27th, WT France will be joining in the Paris-Versailles 16K race to raise money and awareness for Seeds of Hope. Here’s an update with 20 days to go:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.00.23 AMWe’ve reached 50% of our fundraising goal! Thank you to all who have participated so far! Keep your donations coming and spread the word to those around you. All gifts are tax deductible in the USA and go directly to the Seeds of Hope campaign.

Our France team has grown! We are up to 11 adults and 6 kids participating in the 16k race or the 5k walk on the 27th. Find your favorite teammate and help them reach their goal.

Yesterday in Versailles, a mysterious man dressed as Benjamin Franklin ran the Louis XIV race to warm up for the 27th. The paparazzi spotted him taking off the wig and realized it was our Field Director, who finished in the top 20%! Here’s hoping he dresses as Betsy Ross for the next race.

He’s not the only Pennsylvanian joining in on the action. We’ve got our first international team! An ocean away, we’ve got some supportive mothers gathering a crew to walk their own 5k in solidarity with us. They’ll donate what they’d normally pay for registration fees to an organized race.SeedsofHope_crowdrise-55cf592379fb5

We’d love to see a few other long-distance teams joining us. Where are our Canadian friends? Germans? Brits? Can we make this span three continents with a team in Australia or Asia? There’s still time!

Where is this money going, again? Read more about Seeds of Hope HERE.


WT France running the Paris-Versailles 16K

On September 27th, 25,000 people will run from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the famous Chateau in Versailles. And among the crowd will be several from World Team France running for SEEDS OF HOPE! parisversaillesA team of 6 will be running the 16K race, and a family of 5 will be walking the 5K. And all of them are looking for sponsors!

They are running to raise money and awareness for our new fundraising initiative Seeds of Hope that will mobilize, train, equip, and support new church planters in France over the next three years. All the money we receive will go directly into this fund that helps young workers get started in the work of church planting! You can read more about this initiative here, and we’ll be telling you more about it in the months ahead.

We’re asking you to participate in three ways:

The simple way: Go to our CrowdRise page to discover the team and make a donation of any amount to help them reach the $5,000 goal! (It’s been timed: this can be accomplished in less than 1 minute….ready….go!)

The gutsy way: Pass this information on to all your friends and encourage them to do the same! (By working together, could we find 500 people willing to give just $10 each?)

The ambitious way: Like to run too? You’re unfortunately too late to register and join us in Paris, but that’s OK! Find a race around the same time close to your home (or just make up your own!!) and participate with us in spirit, running in solidarity with us! You can join our fundraising team on the same CrowdRise page and seek your own sponsors! Even better, gather some friends to join you! Get in touch with us ASAP and we’ll work on the details.


Announcing Seeds Of Hope !

SeedsOfHope_LogoOur goal as World Team France is to mobilize, train, equip, and support church planters to fulfill the dream of seeing 1 church for every 10,000 people across the nation.

It starts with mobilizing someone called to this ministry, and that might look like talking to a young person at MissionNet in Germany, mentoring a seminary student in Paris, or providing a hands-on internship experience.

It follows with training, which could look like providing scholarships to a local Bible school with ongoing mentorship or giving on-the-ground training to a growing church planter in the context of a team and a project.

It goes a step further with equipping, which might include giving a French church planter a jump start through a “launch fund,” where they receive a portion of funding over the course of 3 years while they secure the remainder of their needed support.

It continues with consistent support, seen in the vital administrative structure that assures salary, benefits, and other logistics so that the church planter can give his attention more fully to the ministry.

All of these components make up part of the three year plan that we’re calling Seeds of Hope, pushing us forward to the next phase of our church planting work and in the training and releasing of new leaders. And of course, all of these components require a certain amount of financial resources before they can be pursued. With the Seeds of Hope campaign, we’re seeking to raise $215,000 over the course of three years.

Maybe that sounds like a lot to you. Or maybe it sounds quite reasonable. Whichever the case, we’re absolutely convinced that if we all work together — to give, to participate, to spread the word — God will provide and our Seeds of Hope will sprout and grow to produce new church planters ready to thrive in France.

You’ll be hearing more from us on this in the coming months. For now, we encourage you to take the first steps:

  • Visit the Seeds of Hope page by clicking here or on the tab at the top of the blog.
  • Download the flyer to learn more.
  • Let us know if you’re interested in receiving a more detailed plan.
  • Ask God what he might want you to do about it.