24 Hours of Prayer for France

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 26th, our team will be hosting a day of prayer for France.

At each hour of the day, at least one of our team members will be in committed prayer and we are inviting our partners to join us! You can join us in praying at any time during the day for France. Thank you so much!! Here is some prayer fuel to help you pray specifically.

North Teams

  • The church in Meru: Pray for the leadership team and for new leaders from within the church to be raised up and equipped to lead this body in the coming years. Also, for the youth ministry there, that the young people would grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus.
  • The church in Gisors: For the leadership team, currently just one couple, that God would give them wisdom in how to guide the church, that new leaders would join them, and for members of their bible study.

South Teams

  • The church in Magny: For the Pastor and his wife and their ministry serving the church, and for God to provide a new meeting place that can accommodate the growing size of the church.
  • For Carol and Russell who teach English and art to kids in their community, that their school and other ministries would continue to flourish.
  • For the GospelCafé concert series this year in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines, that the team there would meet new people, continue to invest in their relationships, and that the house church would continue to grow in depth and size.
  • And also for a team that seeks to love and serve the ever growing population of migrants.

Paris Teams

  • For Riley and Alissa, who are assisting with a new church plant and continuing to learn French.
  • For Suzy and her church in central Paris to grow in spiritual depth, for her many personal relationships, and her women’s bible study.
  • For the Paris south team, that the church community would grow, for their new bible studies, and for the newly launched homeless outreach.

New Workers

  • For Rachel who is interning with the Magny church and for Nicole who is studying French this year!

Seeds of Hope

Also, check out this awesome clip from yesterday’s Paris Versailles race. World Team France had 6 runners and 2 families participate and raise over $3000 towards our Seeds of Hope initiative which helps equip and launch French church planters into ministry. If you are interested in supporting this great cause, you still can on our crowd rise page here


Announcing: Tour For France!

On Sunday July 24th, after three weeks of racing and a 3519 km “Tour de France,” cyclists from around the world will be ending their race up the Champs-Élysées in Paris.


That very same day, friends of World Team France from around the world will be getting on their bikes to support the SEEDS OF HOPE initiative, an event we’re calling the TOUR FOR FRANCE. Along with their sponsors each will be a big winner that day in bringing Hope to France.

We are looking for more participants! You can participate, whoever and wherever you are. Here’s how:

  1. Find some friends and a place to go ride your bikes on the weekend of July 23rd-24th. Decide on the distance together. You don’t have to be professionals taking out your road bikes. Go ride on the boardwalk or the rail trail or take your family on a tricycle ride! Be creative!
  2. Let us know your desire to participate by emailing carolyn.moyer (at) worldteam.org. We’ll get you registered on the fundraising page.
  3. Spread the word around you looking for sponsors and collect donations by sending them to our site.
  4. When the day arrives, meet for your Tour For France in your corner of the world, have a great time, take some photos and videos for us, and spend some time praying for church planting work in France.

Interested in donating right away? Currently there is a team in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, and Word Team France members getting ready in Paris. Go find your favorite cyclist on our CrowdRise page and follow our progress there as we aim to raise $10,000. Then help us spread the word!

What is Seeds of Hope? It is a strategic three-year fundraising initiative to help launch more church planters in France. The focus is on helping new French and European church planters get started in ministry by funding internships, providing academic scholarships and other training opportunities, or offering a three-year launch fund to help a worker get started while securing the rest of needed financial support. All of the money raised goes directly to mobilizing, training, equipping and supporting new church planters in France. For more details about Seeds of Hope, go to  SeedsOfHope.WorldTeamFrance.org. A full project description and spending plan is available upon request.


(photo credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images, Boston.com)


Meet our Administrative Assistant

Last week, we told you a bit about hiring an Administrative Assistant through Seeds of Hope. She is currently working 1 day a week and your continued gifts toward the Seeds of Hope initiatve could enable us to compensate her for more hours each week. Sylvie’s involvement will significantly lighten our director Jerry’s administrative load so that he can spend more time visiting and directly coaching church planters and team leaders.

Sylvie lac seeds of hopeWe’re very pleased to have Sylvie join us. She is a French woman, a member of the Bible study with the Barrs and of the church in Magny where Baptiste is pastor. We asked her to introduce herself to you, and here is what she wrote:

As Christians, we have a BEFORE and an AFTER


When the Lord had only a small, tiny place in my everyday life, I could have explained my life like this:

I was lucky to be born and to grow up with my two sisters in a wonderful, loving family in Avignon. I was lucky enough to have all I needed, with no worries, and to progress in life with no major obstacles and with success. I was spoiled to have met David, my precious husband, and really lucky to have had two children Paul and Juliette later on.

A passion for my profession

With a diploma from the hotel school of Lausanne in my pocket, I first started out in the domain of “industrial” hotel services. For over nine years with the French hotel group Accor, I worked in different hotels and in different roles in Lyon, Bonn (in Germany), Versailles and Paris. In 1996, I left the Accor group and took the opportunity to join a more traditional hotel model at the center of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. I became the director of the hotel and was in charge of its opening after major renovations. Being at ease on the ground and working in teams, the pre-opening, opening, launching and management of the hotel were all important moments of my professional life.

Fully invested in this role, I spent 13 years with this business in management roles and was fully involved in the development of the company in Paris.

A pause in images

I look back and think of what I call my “appointments” with Jesus.

These unusual appointments began a change in the direction of my life.

First, there was a succession of serious medical problems over the course of several years for several family members. Then, there was a series of existential questions when I reached my 40th birthday, while we were beginning our family. These trials were largely due to my stubbornness in wanting to live my life in my own strength, without God! The moment to “bend the knee” had come.

YES to the Lord’s calling in 2009

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalms 34:4


I changed the priorities in my life. To devote myself to taking care of the family, I left my work because it was too time consuming.

“Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” 1 Peter 1:8-9


Seeds of Hope : New Administrative Assistant is Hired

Seeds of Hope : Support

Most financial supporters aren’t all that eager to hear about the nuts and bolts of the mission and what goes on behind the scenes to make everything run. But the fact of the matter is, when your organization has 30+ members from 3+ countries with only one director in the office, it becomes more and more difficult to do things like distribute salaries, make sure benefits are in order, process financial gifts, coordinate calendars, respond to inquiries about our work, and keep everything moving ahead in order to focus on and achieve our goals.

All of those “boring” but highly necessary tasks are conveniently labeled “administration,” and France is notorious for the amount of “administration” it requires. World Team France is an officially-recognized government-registered association, set up to welcome (ie: employ) French and European members. This is a good thing that allows growth and flexibility, but it also comes with regulations to put and keep in place, and we cannot simply rely on the administration offered by our WT Sending Centres (US, Canada, Australia…)

These tasks typically become a burden on members who must volunteer their time to get the job done. The majority of our accounting, for example, is currently done by our treasurer and full-time church planter, Kevin. This method works, but it also means pulling people away from their ministry roles, people who may or may not be adequately gifted or trained in administration to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

The Seeds of Hope plan includes a section for providing administrative support, so that church planters can focus more fully on their task and so that we as an organization can position ourselves for further growth. This section of the plan includes paying a certified accountant each year to annually verify our work and make sure our donors’ money is being used correctly. This accountant has been working with us for the past several years.

Sylvie lac seeds of hopeThe good news is that we have received enough gifts toward Seeds of Hope in order to hire an administrative assistant one day a week. Let us introduce you to Sylvie, a member of the Magny church. She is French, married to an American, with years of experience in the hotel industry. She will be working at our office and assisting our director, Jerry, in a variety of administrative tasks. Let us assure you that her role will be absolutely vital and a big relief to all of us, especially Jerry! You’ll hear more about her in the days to come.

Your continued gifts toward Seeds of Hope would be used in part to hire her for an increased amount of time up to three days per week. Consider making your gift on the Seeds of Hope page and please contact us with any further questions.

Visit the Seeds of Hope page to understand more about the other sections of the initiative and contact us for the full project document.


Session 5 of national church planting Learning Community

Five members of World Team France traveled once again to Lyon this week for session five of the church planting learning community. These collaborations are organized by the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) and happen twice a year over the course of three years. Eight denominations or missions are present for a total of 40+ participants. Through wrestling over the issues at hand, the goal is to create a common vision and strategy as well as a sense of partnership as we pursue together the goal of 1 church for every 10,000 people in France.

Past sessions have focused on themes such as cultural relevancy, discipleship, and solutions to financial needs. This week’s meetings were centered on training church planters and their coaches.

The diversity of presenters was remarkable : A Spanish pastor motivating a church-led planting movement in Spain where they’ve seen 100 churches planted over the course of the past year, a training and mentoring cycle he’s also used in South America; a Francoamerican who shared some models he used while working for 15 years in the middle east and north Africa; and a Norwegian leader who, after decades of church planting in Norway, helped to evaluate their work and create a training system for church planters and their teams that is now being used across Europe (where Swedes are training French, Czechs are training Swiss, Romanians are training Latvians…see the video below.)

The need for more structured training has been on our minds for a while in World Team France, and the time working through these ideas was stimulating and motivating. But what is most encouraging at these learning community meetings is the sense of unity and collaboration across deno minational lines for the advance of the Gospel. It is exciting to hear of new church plant projects starting and multiplying across the country with young French leaders stepping up to the task. This sort of enthusiasm, direction, and momentum arguably did not exist even 10 years ago, and it is the big answer to many years of prayers that will surely continue bearing fruit in the future.

Your donations to Seeds of Hope go in part to further training and development of our workers, including the participation in these workshops. Thank you for making it possible. For more on Seeds of Hope, visit this page.