Project Focus: Chapelle de Nesle, Paris 6ème

Rooted in history, looking to the future and seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth in the present, in central Paris and beyond. We gather on Sunday mornings at the Nesle Theatre & Art Gallery (8 rue de Nesle) to meet, worship and listen to God.

In addition we meet throughout the week for bible study, training, prayer and encouragement. From this church we are training French church planters in order to plant daughter churches in other parts of the city.

Prayer requests:

  • Office/meeting space near the Nesle theatre where we hold our weekly worship gatherings. We need a 24/7 house of prayer, and space for ministry meetings, training, bible studies and church office.
  • Prayer initiatives for our church leadership team and all our members.
  • Training/discipling all members and future church planters.
  • Outreach in our part of the city. Asking God for 12 new believers from the 6th district.

Project Focus: Paris 15ème

Sunday Celebration: We eat together, share and pray together and learn from a Bible text

“Église sans Murs” or Church without Walls

Église sans Murs is a house church in the 15th district of Paris with the vision to become a movement of multiplying house churches in the years to come. Our core values are to live out The Gospel in our relationships with one another and the neighborhood around us, to have a strong Community amongst those who are part of the church and network, to Love and Serve the City where we live, and to Grow both in our individual lives and as we impact the city and multiply the number of house churches in Paris.

Some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray for the core house church and that those who participate would grow and continue to move closer and closer to God.
  • Lift up our monthly kids club where we teach a lesson from the bible and play games, please pray that the kids and their families would grow in their understanding of The Gospel.
  • Pray that through the various activities we do and also through our everyday lives, that the Lord would lead us to meet local people of peace who would connect us to others and open doors for us, as well as people who are already searching for God.
  • Lastly, please pray for our leadership team of 6 people (2 families and 2 individuals). Think specifically of Augustin and also Nicole, who are both raising their support, and Ryan and Erin as they look for a larger apartment nearby for their growing family.
Augustin explaining the story of the Resurrection on Easter morning in the park

Our first real ‘Rentrée’

My family just returned to Paris after three months back in the U.S. and a few days after getting back our son, 3 years old, started his first year of French public school. A few hours into the first day my friend (K) called to ask how I was doing. She told me this.

“In France, ‘La Rentrée’ (translated as re-entry in the beginning of September) is more important than January 1st. ‘La Rentrée’ is actually the new year. All the kids return to school or daycare, and most of the adults return to work after having had a full month of vacation in August. December 31st we may have a party, but ‘La Rentrée’ is the most busy and important fresh start to the year.”

And she is right, it feels like a new year for us as our son is in school now and the new ministry year begins. We have reconnected with our teammates after the summer apart and we are ready to jump back into our relationships, bible studies, service projects and more.

So as we jump back in, would you spend a few minutes to pray for us as World Team France?

  • Pray for the 10 different churches, church plants, and projects that are in process
  • Pray for our 18 kids who have returned to or started school for the first time, plus 1 who is in college in the U.S. this year.
  • Pray for our friends and the many people we will serve this year, for the Spirit’s leading in their lives and ours and for the softening of many hearts towards Christ.


~ article by Erin


New Teammate Introduction: Julie

How did you get connected to World Team France?

I first heard about World Team through a couple of good friends at my church in Atlanta. They were in the process of joining World Team France and shared with me some of what they would be doing once they arrived. That was 4 or 5 years ago and since then my friends have finished their first term as I’m starting mine! Riley and Alissa can get credit for me joining (well really it was all ordained by the Lord, but from our perspective, they were very influential).

Describe your current ministry project

Right now I’m diving into the ministry of language learning. I have about one year of school to learn the language and culture well before starting an internship with an established church to continue learning language and culture. Eventually I will join one of World Team’s church plants.

What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work (either in your life or in your ministry)?

Recently the Lord has been showing me how faithful He is to answer prayer, whether in big or small ways. A couple different answers I’ve seen have been in providing language helpers and opportunities to practice French outside of the classroom and miraculously sorting out administrative issues (such as getting my boxes through customs without certain paperwork or suddenly letting my phone work completely). He really has been good to me with providing an easier transition to life in France than I might have expected.

How can our partners pray for you or your ministry project this year?

Language learning and the energy and drive to learn well and embrace the difficulties that come with minimal language skills. Continued opportunities to practice language and develop friendships with those I meet in my community.


New Teammate Introduction: Augustin

Augustin is from the French Island of Guadeloupe, and has lived in France for the last 20 years. He joined the team working in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris in October last year. Although he initially joined World Team for a one-year internship, he is now hoping to stay long-term. Here’s what he has to say about his time with World Team France so far.

How did you get connected to World Team France? 

I was a student at Geneva Bible Institute when Chad and Ryan, two World Team France members, came to visit the college looking for interns for their project in Paris. I was looking for opportunities to work in evangelism and church-planting in France, so it seemed like a good fit.

Describe your current ministry project.

I joined the project in the 15th which is in it’s early stages, but is aiming to plant a network of house churches. During this internship year, there are two areas in which I’m working; I participate in the life of the team and the community forming around the team, and also I try to meet new people and build new relationships in order to share the gospel.

I am also working to raise the financial support that I need to be able to work long-term with World Team in France.

Where have you seen God most at work (in life or ministry)? 

I am amazed that God brought me to work for World Team — because World Team originally started in the Caribbean and started many churches in my home country of Guadeloupe, but I had never heard of them until I was in Geneva. I also can see how God has brought me into the right team here in Paris, it is a team that I fit into and can work well with despite being from a different culture.

In ministry, it is good to see how God is at work as we put things in place for the project, even though we can only go step-by-step and each step might seem small to us. It is also wonderful how God gives us opportunities to build new friendships with people in a variety of different ways; for example we held a ping-pong tournament recently, and a few weeks after I met one of the participants in the street and he suggested that we meet up sometime.

How can our partners pray for you and your ministry?

Pray for me to be able to better manage my time, as I try to balance all my responsibilities.

Please pray that I will find new partners, both for prayer and financial support. I am taking a trip to the US this summer to try and raise more support, so please pray for me as I make plans and travel. I have a personal website (in french) you can follow as well: https://augustinenfrance.wordpress.com