Project Focus: Chapelle de Nesle, Paris 6ème

Rooted in history, looking to the future and seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth in the present, in central Paris and beyond. We gather on Sunday mornings at the Nesle Theatre & Art Gallery (8 rue de Nesle) to meet, worship and listen to God.

In addition we meet throughout the week for bible study, training, prayer and encouragement. From this church we are training French church planters in order to plant daughter churches in other parts of the city.

Prayer requests:

  • Office/meeting space near the Nesle theatre where we hold our weekly worship gatherings. We need a 24/7 house of prayer, and space for ministry meetings, training, bible studies and church office.
  • Prayer initiatives for our church leadership team and all our members.
  • Training/discipling all members and future church planters.
  • Outreach in our part of the city. Asking God for 12 new believers from the 6th district.

Project Focus: Paris 15ème

Sunday Celebration: We eat together, share and pray together and learn from a Bible text

“Église sans Murs” or Church without Walls

Église sans Murs is a house church in the 15th district of Paris with the vision to become a movement of multiplying house churches in the years to come. Our core values are to live out The Gospel in our relationships with one another and the neighborhood around us, to have a strong Community amongst those who are part of the church and network, to Love and Serve the City where we live, and to Grow both in our individual lives and as we impact the city and multiply the number of house churches in Paris.

Some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray for the core house church and that those who participate would grow and continue to move closer and closer to God.
  • Lift up our monthly kids club where we teach a lesson from the bible and play games, please pray that the kids and their families would grow in their understanding of The Gospel.
  • Pray that through the various activities we do and also through our everyday lives, that the Lord would lead us to meet local people of peace who would connect us to others and open doors for us, as well as people who are already searching for God.
  • Lastly, please pray for our leadership team of 6 people (2 families and 2 individuals). Think specifically of Augustin and also Nicole, who are both raising their support, and Ryan and Erin as they look for a larger apartment nearby for their growing family.
Augustin explaining the story of the Resurrection on Easter morning in the park

New Event: The Paris Connection

The Paris Connection

World Team France is excited to announce The Paris Connection in 2018. The vision is simple; we desire to have YOU come and connect with what God is doing in France. We want you to meet the workers who labor in so many different capacities for the sake of making Jesus known in France. Why come to France and connect? We have found that when you come to a new environment, culture, and country, your idea of who God is becomes so much bigger. You get to see the same God working in the lives of people who think differently than you do, and maybe who look different than you do, and for sure speak a different language than you do. But we are united by the common bond of our Lord.

This is not a time where you will be in a classroom all day. We want you to participate in the Great Commission happening in France. You will be visiting current church planting projects and new projects with the most powerful weapon, prayer. We cannot do this work without the work of prayer. We depend on prayer and we truly believe that prayer is the most important work to be done. And while this is happening we also hope for you to connect in France on three levels:

  1. Connect with God
  2. Connect with the French
  3. Connect with the other participants

The Paris Connection will be centered around these three areas of connection. Our hope and prayer is that God will use this time, with you and the other participants to show His glory in France.

So join us, sign up right now for The Paris Connection over here. And don’t hesitate if you’re interested as space is limited.