Would you like to join us for Summer at the Sorbonne?

Summer School at the Sorbonne

We have a new idea…

How would you like to continue your studies at the University of Paris and gain hands-on experience in campus ministry?

Who wouldn’t!? Read on…

World Team France is mobilizing students to attend the Université d’Eté at one of the oldest universities in the world, la Sorbonne. A fresh wind of faith is needed in France today. Come to Paris and explore the challenges of sharing the Gospel in a place where secularism reigns and the Bible is seen as a thing of the past. Engage students who no longer believe that God exists while you learn from missionaries experienced in communicating truth in a post-Christian climate.

Explore your long-term calling by going short-term. Learn more about yourself while using you gifts and talents in an environment different from your own. Learn more about the world as you worship with and serve alongside people in Paris and it’s suburbs. World Team France’s Summer at the Sorbonne gives you maximum hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry while furthering long-term church planting efforts. And you’ll experience life-on-life discipleship by a missionary mentor.

Here are the details…

Ideal candidate:

University students* who journey with fellow students relationally in order to grow together spiritually. This short-term opportunity is available for French speakers and for those who wish to begin studying the French language.

*Ideally two years experience in higher education


Three-week option from June 27 to July 17, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–17: Debriefing

Six-week option from June 27 to August 7, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–21: Week 3 – Cycle
  • July 22–28: Week 4 – Cycle
  • July 29 – August 4: Visit church plants of World Team France
  • August 5–7: Debriefing


Three weeks: June 27 – July 17, 2018

  • Tuition: 800 € minimum
  • Room: 1,112 €
  • Board: 630 €
  • Transportation: 110 €

Total : 2,652 € = $ 3,110**

Six weeks : June 27 – August 7, 2018

  • Tuition : 1,800 € minimum
  • Room : 2,276 €
  • Board : 1,260 €
  • Transportation : 110 €

Total : 5,446 € = $ 6,380**

**This is the total cost for an individual student. Room and board expenses will decrease dramatically if we are able mobilize a team. Tuition costs vary some depending on the classes chosen.

I’ve organized short-term mission trips for a few years now. I’ve helped to recruit and prepare teams. I’ve mentored and debriefed teams. I’ve always found it tricky to include significant hands-on ministry opportunities in short-term trips. This trip should change all that. Students will have their very own mission field…the campuses of the University of Paris. I’m excited about this.

Would you like to join us at Summer at the Sorbonne? Would you spread the word? Would you help us mobilize a few students to this opportunity?

For more information, write Chad Deakyne at chad.deakyne@worldteam.org

Here are the various classes that offered at the Université d’Ete:

  • French language course: all levels are offered from Beginners to Advanced
  • Cycle 1: Aux sources de la culture européenne : l’Antiquité gréco-romaine
  • Cycle 2: L’Europe des Lumières
  • Cycle 3: Modernité et postmodernité
  • Cycle 4: Au cœur de la vie des français: la table un patrimoine unique. Culture, pratique et représentation de l’alimentation en France
  • Cycle 5: The Sorbonne in English (English)
  • Cycle 6: Les classiques de la littérature française
  • Cycle 7: Paris, fabrique d’une capitale: 5.000 ans d’histoire
  • Cycle 8: Les femmes françaises
  • Cycle 9: Paris, toujours Paris
  • Cycle 10: La France: Histoire et mémoire
  • Cycle 11: Identité(s) française(s)

Bouge ta France 2017!

Last week, in Le Havre there was a youth event, “Bouge ta France“.  During that week the youth learned how to be bold and share the Gospel and even put that into practice on some of the beaches there.  To finish out the week, on Friday (also la fete nationale) people of all ages from all over France were invited to spend the day worshiping together and praying for the country.  Several members of World Team France were able to attend.

In the afternoon, there were games and activities for families, including a parachute, inflatable horse races, face painting, dancing and more.  There was also a concert held in the stadium.

Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms or legs, spoke in the afternoon and shared how God changed his life and perspective.  He is currently married with two children and twins on the way.  He has quite an amazing testimony.

It was a special time for believers in France to feel united as it can sometimes feel as if we are on our own in our faith.


July 29: Day of Prayer for France

Following the most recent attack at a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF) has issued a call to prayer tomorrow and this weekend. And thus, we want to extend it to you as well. After the attack in Nice, their press release put it well: “Given that all agree these attacks are very difficult to predict and that no safety level could ever entirely prevent them, we urge all our countrymen to turn to God, the God of Jesus Christ, who alone is capable of changing the human heart and giving true peace.”

We have no memory of a public call to prayer and fasting like this one, which is also being covered by the media. It could likely become the largest day of prayer in recent history. What might God be orchestrating? Let us pray together that he would change hearts and grant repentance to a large number of the French population.

HERE is an international news story addressing the attack and religion in France.

Below is a translation of the press release sent by the CNEF regarding tomorrow’s day of prayer:

Dear colleagues, dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

The tragic attack that took place yesterday in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray against a priest and faithful member of a catholic church compels us to send out a pressing call to prayer.

We’ve already invited you to be in prayer in our press release from yesterday, but we’d like to insist on the importance of this for 3 reasons:

  • As a sign of Christian solidarity with Catholics who have been horribly devastated by this attack and are consecrating this Friday, July 29th to prayer and fasting;
  • Because the most helpful thing we can do for our country is to intercede on her behalf before God, asking that He would bring to naught the plans of those who want to take lives with the goal of sowing terror. We pray that God would pour out His peace on our citizens, the peace that the world does not know, fruit of reconciliation between God and man called to repentance and to salvation in Christ.
  • Because we have need of all His grace, and all the strength of His Spirit, to remain faithful witnesses, not usurping the beautiful name of Christ that we carry: loving even our enemies and blessing those who hate us, while continuing to proclaim the Gospel to all those God places on our path.

Concretely, we encourage you to seize all individual & collective opportunities to intercede this Friday July 29th and during this weekend’s worship times in favor of:

  • our country—that God would grant the necessary peace for the evangelical testimony among our contemporaries;
  • our authorities–that God would give them wisdom and discernment in governing and protecting our nation;
  • our population–that it would be touched with salvation in these troubled
  • our Christian brothers and sisters–that they would be faithful witnesses who do not give in to fear or desire for vengeance.

With our brotherly salutations,

Etienne et Clément
(on behalf of the CNEF board)


Some ways to #PrayforParis

prayforparisThe overwhelming support expressed for Paris in a myriad of ways over the past few days has been an encouragement to us. We hope you are taking the need to pray for Paris seriously and making time to do it. Here are some ways to get you started:

  • For God’s comfort for the family and friends of those who died so suddenly and needlessly.
  • For the survivors and all who were directly affected. They will remember and for some relive this tragic day for the rest of their lives.
  • For emergency and military personnel, police officers and hospital staff, all of whom are tired and facing stress-filled days.
  • For peace and justice to be restored as the government searches for those involved. Pray that leaders would display wisdom and humility as they respond.
  • For a response of love and restoration to spread throughout the city and country, rather than reactions of racial tension or xenophobia.
  • For wisdom for us and others in knowing how to respond and share the love of Christ with our neighbors and friends and that churches would be well-equipped to communicate hope.
  • For many to put their hope and trust in Christ, the only true light that exists in the darkness of our world.

We recommend this article at Christianity Today featuring interviews with Parisian pastors that many of us know, as well as this summary at the Gospel Coalition written by someone working in France.


PPC: Day 1

Day one at the 2015 Paris Prayer Conference.

Our first presenter was Daniel Liechti, vice-president of the CNEF. He’s the man behind a lot of the statistics and maps we show you on the Evangelical church in France, and he was with us to give an overview of just that. Here are some of the things he said…

– There are 65 million people in France, and 600,000 of them are Christ-confessing Bible-believing practicing Christians. That is more than 10 times the number of practicing Evangelicals that existed in 1950. The rhythm of the growth of churches over the past 30 years is 1 new church being planted every 10 days. That is good news and sounds impressive, but it is only 35 new churches per year, which is not enough.

– I’m much more interested in individuals, their stories, and their transformed lives than in maps. But let’s not forget these numbers and maps represent real people who have been touched by the Gospel, and they help to direct us for the future so that the largest number possible of French people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

– The greatest impact we can make for the Gospel happens in the give and take between ordinary Christians being witnesses in their workplaces and everyday lives who are connected with vibrant, dynamic, relevant, welcoming churches. It is by the presence of born-again Christians functioning locally as the body of Christ that the Gospel becomes ordinarily visible and understandable.

– We have two challenges before us for which you can pray: 1) We must plant churches with people who convert to Christ. 2) We must plant churches that are able to multiply themselves.

– Our goal is to reach 1 church for every 10,000 people, meaning we must triple the current number of churches. In aiming for that, our criteria is not based on Christians being able to find a church that suits them, but rather on non-Christians having access to the Gospel. It is utterly scandalous that a French person can go their entire lives without ever coming in contact with the Gospel.

One person asked about Christian radio or TV. He responded in saying there is currently next to none, and continued:

– We are staying aware for opportunities such as those that could be pursued, but it is not our priority. French people do not need another message on the radio or TV. They need to be able to touch a practicing Christian in the flesh; they need a Christian neighbor and a dynamic church in town.

DSC_0532Our second presenter, André Pownall, has his origins in Great Britain, but has lived in France for over 40 years working as a professor at the Bible school in Paris. He presented on shifts in evangelism in France, mostly how old tools and methods the Church has typically grown used to leaning on no longer work, and the emphasis must be on authentic, relational and process-oriented interactions. A few quotes stood out:

– Modern man has a spam filter in his mind that automatically rejects messages from any unknown sources. We need to be both known and trusted.

– It’s been said the French are like cats. They’ll keep their distance for a while, needing to be comfortable in their space, at ease, in a situation where they can take the initiatve toward someone extending a relationship. They are not at all like dogs who are thrilled with interest and affection from any stranger that gives it to them.

Quoting something the founder of his Bible school said 150 years ago, he spoke of the importance of every church participating in evangelism:

– A church that doesn’t evangelize in order to grow is forced to become worldly, or else it will die!

With that, he spoke of the church having a life-cycle much like a woman. Birth, childhood, maturity…then comes a time that is ideal for reproduction. And this is supposed to be a natural process!

– But many modern women are looking to avoid giving birth these days, focusing on their lives and their careers instead. I’m afraid many churches are not much different, uninterested in giving birth.

There was much more on which to reflect than just that…look for more updates soon…