From France to down under: A word from the France field director

France Field Director

Jerry and Carolyn (while still in Paris)

The director of our France team, Jerry, and his wonderful wife Carolyn, have taken on a special new assignment that we’d like to share with you. They have accepted the task of serving part-time in Australia with the goal of recruiting more Australians to join the mission work with World Team around the world. For decades, World Team has had a sending center in Australia, but in order for World Team’s presence to continue there, we need more Australian missionary colleagues. So our international director, David (along with several other very wise people) asked Jerry and Carolyn if they were up for the task and if God could be leading them towards this. Which they are and He is!

So let’s hear from Jerry and Carolyn about this new assignment…

What will your job look like in Australia?

In it’s initial stage our job is to promote World Team in Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Churches and to other mission agencies. We want to let people know of the great opportunities that exist to serve with World Team around the world. We will be meeting with many friends and mission colleagues with an eye to creating partnerships to further the work of the Gospel. As we meet with students and other mission minded people we will have two main questions. What is your missionary passion? How can we help you in fulfilling that passion? Later we also want to advise the Board of World Team Australia on putting in place a process that will take someone from the point of saying, “I am interested in one of the World Team projects” and accompany that person all the way to the mission field. We will need to see volunteers recruited to help in this process as well as seek the resources of partnering missions.

What excited you most about this new challenge?

I am so excited about the possibility of new people joining the mission of God to bring the Gospel to people around the world who are trying to find their way spiritually. I pray so often that the Lord will send new people to work with us and there just always seem to be more needs than people to fill them. I am also excited because though there are some fine mission agencies in Australia doing some extraordinary mobilization I really believe that World Team fills a needed niche. We focus specifically on people who want to engage in mission but also want to be developed as they work on teams and are mentored by experienced disciple makers.

How long of an assignment will this be?

We have a maximum engagement of three years. My plan is that we can do the main part in the next two years and that 2020 will be a transitional time.

And what would success look like to you in 3 years (or even beyond)?

Success would be simply a dozen or so potential missionaries going through a clearly defined process to join a World Team project somewhere.

Does this mean you are no longer the France field Director?

Absolutely not! France Field Director is my only job title right now. I don’t expect to remain France Field Director forever and we have several very capable people on our team who could take over the job at any time if needed. But for now, I still am passionately committed to the team and the project in France. I would not have taken on the assignment in Australia if it meant me leaving my job in France.

Lastly, how can our ministry partners pray for you both during this time?

  1. The best things come from unforeseen meetings and encounters with people. These are things the Lord works out in advance. Pray that we may grab these opportunities.
  2. The leadership abilities of so many members of our France Team are growing every day. Pray that we may be a good support to them even from afar.
  3. Carolyn and I are sharing the leadership load for both France and Australia. Pray that we would continue to complement each others abilities.
  4. We are far from our two boys who are just launching out into adult life. Pray that they will recognize the presence of the God and Father who leads them.

New Event: The Paris Connection

The Paris Connection

World Team France is excited to announce The Paris Connection in 2018. The vision is simple; we desire to have YOU come and connect with what God is doing in France. We want you to meet the workers who labor in so many different capacities for the sake of making Jesus known in France. Why come to France and connect? We have found that when you come to a new environment, culture, and country, your idea of who God is becomes so much bigger. You get to see the same God working in the lives of people who think differently than you do, and maybe who look different than you do, and for sure speak a different language than you do. But we are united by the common bond of our Lord.

This is not a time where you will be in a classroom all day. We want you to participate in the Great Commission happening in France. You will be visiting current church planting projects and new projects with the most powerful weapon, prayer. We cannot do this work without the work of prayer. We depend on prayer and we truly believe that prayer is the most important work to be done. And while this is happening we also hope for you to connect in France on three levels:

  1. Connect with God
  2. Connect with the French
  3. Connect with the other participants

The Paris Connection will be centered around these three areas of connection. Our hope and prayer is that God will use this time, with you and the other participants to show His glory in France.

So join us, sign up right now for The Paris Connection over here. And don’t hesitate if you’re interested as space is limited.


Would you like to join us for Summer at the Sorbonne?

Summer School at the Sorbonne

We have a new idea…

How would you like to continue your studies at the University of Paris and gain hands-on experience in campus ministry?

Who wouldn’t!? Read on…

World Team France is mobilizing students to attend the Université d’Eté at one of the oldest universities in the world, la Sorbonne. A fresh wind of faith is needed in France today. Come to Paris and explore the challenges of sharing the Gospel in a place where secularism reigns and the Bible is seen as a thing of the past. Engage students who no longer believe that God exists while you learn from missionaries experienced in communicating truth in a post-Christian climate.

Explore your long-term calling by going short-term. Learn more about yourself while using you gifts and talents in an environment different from your own. Learn more about the world as you worship with and serve alongside people in Paris and it’s suburbs. World Team France’s Summer at the Sorbonne gives you maximum hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry while furthering long-term church planting efforts. And you’ll experience life-on-life discipleship by a missionary mentor.

Here are the details…

Ideal candidate:

University students* who journey with fellow students relationally in order to grow together spiritually. This short-term opportunity is available for French speakers and for those who wish to begin studying the French language.

*Ideally two years experience in higher education


Three-week option from June 27 to July 17, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–17: Debriefing

Six-week option from June 27 to August 7, 2018

  • June 27 – June 30: Orientation
  • July 1–7: Week 1 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 8–14: Week 2 – French language course or Cycle
  • July 15–21: Week 3 – Cycle
  • July 22–28: Week 4 – Cycle
  • July 29 – August 4: Visit church plants of World Team France
  • August 5–7: Debriefing


Three weeks: June 27 – July 17, 2018

  • Tuition: 800 € minimum
  • Room: 1,112 €
  • Board: 630 €
  • Transportation: 110 €

Total : 2,652 € = $ 3,110**

Six weeks : June 27 – August 7, 2018

  • Tuition : 1,800 € minimum
  • Room : 2,276 €
  • Board : 1,260 €
  • Transportation : 110 €

Total : 5,446 € = $ 6,380**

**This is the total cost for an individual student. Room and board expenses will decrease dramatically if we are able mobilize a team. Tuition costs vary some depending on the classes chosen.

I’ve organized short-term mission trips for a few years now. I’ve helped to recruit and prepare teams. I’ve mentored and debriefed teams. I’ve always found it tricky to include significant hands-on ministry opportunities in short-term trips. This trip should change all that. Students will have their very own mission field…the campuses of the University of Paris. I’m excited about this.

Would you like to join us at Summer at the Sorbonne? Would you spread the word? Would you help us mobilize a few students to this opportunity?

For more information, write Chad Deakyne at chad.deakyne@worldteam.org

Here are the various classes that offered at the Université d’Ete:

  • French language course: all levels are offered from Beginners to Advanced
  • Cycle 1: Aux sources de la culture européenne : l’Antiquité gréco-romaine
  • Cycle 2: L’Europe des Lumières
  • Cycle 3: Modernité et postmodernité
  • Cycle 4: Au cœur de la vie des français: la table un patrimoine unique. Culture, pratique et représentation de l’alimentation en France
  • Cycle 5: The Sorbonne in English (English)
  • Cycle 6: Les classiques de la littérature française
  • Cycle 7: Paris, fabrique d’une capitale: 5.000 ans d’histoire
  • Cycle 8: Les femmes françaises
  • Cycle 9: Paris, toujours Paris
  • Cycle 10: La France: Histoire et mémoire
  • Cycle 11: Identité(s) française(s)

New teammate introductions: Rachel

How did you get connected to World Team France?

In October 2009, when I was working as a nurse and not thinking about France at all, a team from France visited All Nations Christian College, a mission and ministry training school in England. They shared about the vision of World Team to plant churches among unreached people, and about the work they were doing to bring this vision about in France.

In September 2013, having felt the Lord calling me to cross-cultural mission, I began a degree in Biblical and Intercultural Studies at the same college. By 2015 I knew that the Lord was calling me to get involved in church-planting among the unreached people of France. I spoke with a number of mission organisations, but sensed clearly that none of them were right — I knew God had a plan, and I just had to wait for it to become clear.

Then one day I was discussing my hopes and plans with one of my professors. When I mentioned church-planting in France, she remembered the team that had visited the college in 2009. However she couldn’t remember much about them at all — just the name of one of the church planters, Suzanne! Thanks to google, I was able to find Suzanne and email her, and a couple of months later I visited Paris to meet the team and find out about the projects, and a couple of months after that, I was invited to join them.

I then served as an intern for the 2016 Paris Prayer Conference. This was a great way to get to know the team better and to find out more about the projects, and confirmed to me that joining World Team France was God’s plan for me all along!

Describe your current ministry project

I am currently doing an internship with the Association Protestante Evangelique de la Vallée. This is a World Team church-plant in the South-West of the Île-de-France, about 45 minutes outside of Paris by train. During this internship year, I will be working alongside Baptiste (the pastor) and the rest of the team to help build the church through evangelism and discipleship. I will be involved in music and worship, one-to-one discipleship, pastoral care, and outreach activities.

During this year I will also be working with the Barr’s at the Cordonnerie de Progrès in Chevreuse, where I will be helping with some of the English and art classes. I’m also finding ways to get involved in my local community, such as joining a local choir.

What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work (either in your life or in your ministry)?

This is a hard question — God is always at work in my life in every area! Seeing the way that God led me to France and specifically to World Team has been amazing — I can see how God was preparing me even before I had heard of World Team, and how He was making a place for me here where I can serve effectively and use my gifts and skills. His answers to prayer during the year that I was raising my financial support were awesome — not only did God provide all the support I needed, He taught me so much about His faithfulness, about depending on Him, and about the spirituality of generosity.

How can our partners pray for you or your ministry project this year?

Pray that during this year, as I work on my french, adapt to the culture, meet new people, and generally figure out how to do life in a different country, that I wouldn’t forget that the most important thing is love — love for God, and love for my neighbours. Pray that I wouldn’t lose sight of this even (and especially) when I’m tired, homesick, frustrated and wondering why I came here. Pray that I will know the love of Christ for each person that I meet, that I will see them through His eyes and serve them as He would.

Pray for the growth of the church in this area this year — we have just started a monthly ‘café gourmand’ to which we are encouraging church members to invite their friends and neighbours. It is an opportunity to discuss some of the ‘big questions’ of life in an open and informal environment, while eating cake and drinking coffee! Pray that many people will come to these monthly events and that God would use the time to speak into people’s hearts and draw them closer to Him.


Paris: La Journée du Grand Nettoyage

One of the four values for the Paris House Church Network is the City.

We live in the city. It’s our home. Proximity.

We want to love and serve the city.

In the past week, we’ve launched two new initiatives to love and serve the city in a tangible way. I suppose it’s easy enough to say that we love the city. But how can that become a reality that changes the way we live each week ? I’ll tell you about one initiative here…

Madame la Maire Anne Hidalgo (the Mayor) recently organized in Paris, for the first time ever, La Journée du Grand Nettoyage. She invited Parisians to become ambassadors of their quartier and specifically to get out in the streets and pick up litter. The city offered each ambassador a small stock of materials to get the job done and an address where we could leave our filled trash bags.

I became an ambassador for Paris 15, for la Rue Brancion, probably one of the dirtiest streets in our quarter of the city. We gathered a team of ten, one woman from the neighborhood joined us. We crossed paths with two others groups doing the same activity on the same street. It was eye opening to see how this particular initiative spoke to the friends that we invited, infinitely more than other activities that we’ve proposed. People love their city, like we do. We put rubber gloves on. We picked up litter.

Then we had a picnic in the park. The woman from the neighborhood joined us with her husband and brought food to share.

An article by Chad