Project Focus: Chapelle de Nesle, Paris 6ème

Rooted in history, looking to the future and seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth in the present, in central Paris and beyond. We gather on Sunday mornings at the Nesle Theatre & Art Gallery (8 rue de Nesle) to meet, worship and listen to God.

In addition we meet throughout the week for bible study, training, prayer and encouragement. From this church we are training French church planters in order to plant daughter churches in other parts of the city.

Prayer requests:

  • Office/meeting space near the Nesle theatre where we hold our weekly worship gatherings. We need a 24/7 house of prayer, and space for ministry meetings, training, bible studies and church office.
  • Prayer initiatives for our church leadership team and all our members.
  • Training/discipling all members and future church planters.
  • Outreach in our part of the city. Asking God for 12 new believers from the 6th district.

Project Focus: Paris 15ème

Sunday Celebration: We eat together, share and pray together and learn from a Bible text

“Église sans Murs” or Church without Walls

Église sans Murs is a house church in the 15th district of Paris with the vision to become a movement of multiplying house churches in the years to come. Our core values are to live out The Gospel in our relationships with one another and the neighborhood around us, to have a strong Community amongst those who are part of the church and network, to Love and Serve the City where we live, and to Grow both in our individual lives and as we impact the city and multiply the number of house churches in Paris.

Some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray for the core house church and that those who participate would grow and continue to move closer and closer to God.
  • Lift up our monthly kids club where we teach a lesson from the bible and play games, please pray that the kids and their families would grow in their understanding of The Gospel.
  • Pray that through the various activities we do and also through our everyday lives, that the Lord would lead us to meet local people of peace who would connect us to others and open doors for us, as well as people who are already searching for God.
  • Lastly, please pray for our leadership team of 6 people (2 families and 2 individuals). Think specifically of Augustin and also Nicole, who are both raising their support, and Ryan and Erin as they look for a larger apartment nearby for their growing family.
Augustin explaining the story of the Resurrection on Easter morning in the park

Australian short-term trip: Part 2

During the second week of their visit, we asked the Australian team to help run a day camp for 5-11 year olds, in partnership with the local church in Magny. This was a challenge for them, as most of them do not speak more than a few words of French, and the children did not speak English! The team had spent time before coming to France to put together a range of activities including English lessons, Bible stories, songs, art projects, and sports. With a little translation help from the World Team France members who were involved, the 20 children who attended were able to fully engage in all these activities, and all of them had a fantastic time.

Several of the children asked for another week of camp as they didn’t want it to end! Several members of the Australian team commented on how they were able to make connections with the children despite not speaking the same language. Its was clear that the children responded to the love and care that the team showed them, to their enthusiasm, their energy and their overall willingness to come alongside the children throughout the week.

At the end of the camp, we hosted a barbecue to which we invited the families of the children who had attended during the week, as well as the families who had hosted the team during their time in Magny. During the barbecue, the children sang the songs that they had learnt, showed off the artwork they had made, and told the stories that they had learnt about Jesus. It was wonderful to hear these children, some of whom had just heard about Jesus for the first time, sharing gospel stories with their parents!

The Australian team have now finished their time with us, and most of them are taking advantage of being in Europe to take some well-earned vacation time. Pray for them as they reflect on their time with World Team France, especially for those who are considering long-term missions in Europe.

~ article by Rachel


Australian short-term trip: Part 1

For the past two weeks, World Team France has been hosting an awesome team from Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Australia. This post will share some of the highlights from their first week in France. Stay tuned to see what happened in week 2 and how their trip wrapped up!

Some of the ministry activities they did alongside the Paris team included;

  • Hosting a ping-pong tournament at a local park
  • Playing ultimate Frisbee with the goal of meeting people
  • Attending a ladies bible study
  • Helping prepare and lead a homeless outreach to serve the community, and
  • Participating in an evangelism outreach at a local university

Then they traveled 40 minutes south where they;

  • Attended a World Team France monthly meeting
  • Visited Russell & Carol and prayed for their ministry
  • Stayed with French host families, and
  • Worshipped in a French church

As you can see, week 1 was full of great ministry, here are some highlights from the team:

“One night in Paris we went out to talk and pray with homeless people, then went to the Eiffel tower which was lit up and sparkling. I found this contrast between the best and worst of Paris really interesting, between the beautiful image that Paris portrays of itself and the hard reality that many people are living. This was also reflected in the difference between the beautiful buildings of the Catholic church, such as Sacré Coeur, and the reality that many people’s lives are empty and dark as they don’t know Jesus.” — Julian

“We joined a women’s Bible study group in Paris, and I found it very interesting to see a group of women who didn’t believe in Jesus passionately discussing the Bible. God is at work in their lives whether they realize it or not.” — Rebekah

“It’s been profound to see how important hospitality is here. Meeting around a meal and sharing life is important to the culture of the French and it opens up many doors to sharing our lives, and the hope that we have in Christ, with the French.” — James“During outreach at a Paris university, it was great to meet two French girls who were interested in talking about Jesus and were happy for us to pray for them.” — Caroline

“The university outreach was a great opportunity to meet with French Christians who had come to do evangelism. We had the opportunity together to share the gospel with a young man who described himself as being ‘at a crossroads’. This showed me that there are people who are ready and waiting for someone to talk to them about Jesus; the Spirit has already been doing something in their lives and leads us to them at the right time. And to do this together with a French Christian was wonderful.” — Pierre

“It was so encouraging to worship together with French brothers and sisters here in France. Even though we don’t speak the same language, we knew we were worshipping the same God”. — Renee“One of the key things that has struck us about World Team is the way they value prayer. We met with Russell and Carol today, who teach English and art as a way to connect with the community. For their first 2 years in France, Russell spent every morning walking around their community and praying for the people who lived in each house. One morning Russell saw the bridge and bricked-up door in the photo. God showed him that the wall is like France—previously open but now closed off. We are praying with Russell for open doors, for walls and barriers to come down, so that people will be able to hear and receive the good news of Jesus” — Ben and Ali 


World Team France celebrates Easter

The Association Protestante Evangélique de la Vallée (APEV) celebrated a baptism on Easter Sunday morning.

Andrea has been coming to the church for several years, along with her husband Roland, after they met Russell and Carol Barr and began studying the Bible with them. Andrea had invited around 30 guests to the service, most of whom are not believers. She shared her testimony of how the Lord has worked in her life, and through the worship and the sermon each of the guests heard the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. After the service the church shared a meal together, and many of the guests also stayed to eat. During the conversations over dinner a number of guests spoke of how touched they had been by the welcome, the message, and by the joy that was clear and visible in the lives of the church members as we celebrated Christ’s victory over death.

The church in Meru got creative for their Easter Sunday celebration, with a dramatic piece performed by the children in the church (watch the video).

Accompanied by a song proclaiming ‘Holy Holy Holy, the almighty Savior, who was and is and is to come’, the group of children silently acted out scenes from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, showing a familiar story in a powerful new way. The children had worked very hard on the piece and did a fantastic job! Visitors from the local towns came to hear the good news, including a family whose daughter took part in the drama. Following the service there was time for conversations over drinks, and the kids had fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt!

The ‘Église sans murs’ (or Church without walls) celebrated Easter in their local park in the 15th district of Paris.

They welcomed around 25 people with smiles on their faces and fresh croissants and coffee. While the parents enjoyed their coffee, the kids geared up for an Easter egg hunt by decorating their bags and scoping out where good hiding spots may be. Before the hunt could begin, Augustin and Kim took a few minutes to share the story of the resurrection and its significance. They thanked God for what He did for us, thanked everyone for coming out to celebrate Easter with the church and the kids began their Easter egg hunt. It was a great time together and the church celebrated that several families and individuals heard the message that Jesus died and rose for them.

And last but certainly not least, all of World Team France is rejoicing that three people who attended an Easter celebration with our Solid Roc church in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior this weekend! Please pray for these individuals as they grow more and more in their faith.