Team Retreat 2017

France VIE is the association founded in France representing the work of World Team Global. We don’t want to bore you with administrative details: suffice it so say that “World Team France” and “France VIE” are pretty much synonymous.

The primary mission of France VIE is planting churches, or perhaps more precisely, multiplying communities of believers. And it’s right there, hidden in our name: VIE means “life” in French, but it is also an acronym for “Vision d’Implantation d’Eglises” meaning “Vision for Church Planting.”

Our association has around 30 members, all with different levels of involvement. It’s a very diverse group: American, French, German, Antillean, Swiss, and plenty of other friends from around the world.



France VIE follows the vision of World Team Global, seeing ourselves as Innovative teams multiplying disciples and communities of believers, bringing the Gospel within reach of lost people everywhere we go.

What do we mean by innovative teams? We value creativity, flexibility, reflection and self-evaluation. We are ready to assess our work, changing or even abandoning a particular strategy for our church planting projects whenever it seems most wise.

What do we mean by multiplication? We’re referring to how discipleship is passed on from one person to the next within a larger movement. It’s the simple strategy behind a much bigger, more powerful idea, and we see it as the response to the Great Commission, when Jesus calls us simply to make disciples.

What do we mean by communities? When we hear the word “church” often we think of a large structure that in reality can be heavy and quite cumbersome. The term “community” can include significant structure, but is not limited to it. We can see the multiplication of communities of believers even outside the structure of a church, and so this term better aligns itself with our work and vision. Small groups, house meetings, Alpha courses, community Bible studies, book clubs, conferences and debates are all some of the means you might see in our projects.



“Multiplication” is the primary strategy you’ll find in our vision statement. It’s the idea Paul implies to Timothy in saying, “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Tim 2:2) And just as Paul communicates, we see this discipleship taking place both within an individual relationship and in the context of a community.

For us in France VIE, we seek multiplication through emphasizing multicultural teams, by networking and partnering with others, and in training disciples and leaders.

We are also trying to create bridges to people around us, meaning that we want to find or form environments where people feel at ease to talk about their faith freely. We encourage creativity in this task, but we also maintain “classic” methods whenever they seem the most pertinent.



The Gospel: We want to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ that has had a real impact on our own lives

Prayer: We value this means of communication with God and an expression of our dependence on Him.

Interdependence: We need relationships that are mutual, reciprocal, and complementary. In accountablity to one another, we emphasize working in teams.

Training Leaders: We see the importance of passing on the Gospel as we train new leaders who will take responsibility in their communities.