Project Focus: Paris 15ème

Sunday Celebration: We eat together, share and pray together and learn from a Bible text

“Église sans Murs” or Church without Walls

Église sans Murs is a house church in the 15th district of Paris with the vision to become a movement of multiplying house churches in the years to come. Our core values are to live out The Gospel in our relationships with one another and the neighborhood around us, to have a strong Community amongst those who are part of the church and network, to Love and Serve the City where we live, and to Grow both in our individual lives and as we impact the city and multiply the number of house churches in Paris.

Some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray for the core house church and that those who participate would grow and continue to move closer and closer to God.
  • Lift up our monthly kids club where we teach a lesson from the bible and play games, please pray that the kids and their families would grow in their understanding of The Gospel.
  • Pray that through the various activities we do and also through our everyday lives, that the Lord would lead us to meet local people of peace who would connect us to others and open doors for us, as well as people who are already searching for God.
  • Lastly, please pray for our leadership team of 6 people (2 families and 2 individuals). Think specifically of Augustin and also Nicole, who are both raising their support, and Ryan and Erin as they look for a larger apartment nearby for their growing family.
Augustin explaining the story of the Resurrection on Easter morning in the park

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