New Teammate Introduction: Julie

How did you get connected to World Team France?

I first heard about World Team through a couple of good friends at my church in Atlanta. They were in the process of joining World Team France and shared with me some of what they would be doing once they arrived. That was 4 or 5 years ago and since then my friends have finished their first term as I’m starting mine! Riley and Alissa can get credit for me joining (well really it was all ordained by the Lord, but from our perspective, they were very influential).

Describe your current ministry project

Right now I’m diving into the ministry of language learning. I have about one year of school to learn the language and culture well before starting an internship with an established church to continue learning language and culture. Eventually I will join one of World Team’s church plants.

What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work (either in your life or in your ministry)?

Recently the Lord has been showing me how faithful He is to answer prayer, whether in big or small ways. A couple different answers I’ve seen have been in providing language helpers and opportunities to practice French outside of the classroom and miraculously sorting out administrative issues (such as getting my boxes through customs without certain paperwork or suddenly letting my phone work completely). He really has been good to me with providing an easier transition to life in France than I might have expected.

How can our partners pray for you or your ministry project this year?

Language learning and the energy and drive to learn well and embrace the difficulties that come with minimal language skills. Continued opportunities to practice language and develop friendships with those I meet in my community.

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