Bouge ta France 2017!

Last week, in Le Havre there was a youth event, “Bouge ta France“.  During that week the youth learned how to be bold and share the Gospel and even put that into practice on some of the beaches there.  To finish out the week, on Friday (also la fete nationale) people of all ages from all over France were invited to spend the day worshiping together and praying for the country.  Several members of World Team France were able to attend.

In the afternoon, there were games and activities for families, including a parachute, inflatable horse races, face painting, dancing and more.  There was also a concert held in the stadium.

Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms or legs, spoke in the afternoon and shared how God changed his life and perspective.  He is currently married with two children and twins on the way.  He has quite an amazing testimony.

It was a special time for believers in France to feel united as it can sometimes feel as if we are on our own in our faith.

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