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Sunday, May 28, 2017: I got up early today. But the flight was delayed.

I’m headed to the airport shortly to pick up a team of short-termers ! Yes, World Team France is welcoming 15 short-termers from Cedarville University (my alma mater !) for the Tour de FranceVIE.

Everything has come together rather nicely. This really should be good fun.

There is no way I could even begin to tackle every problem that could go wrong. Apparently, it will be very hot.

The Tour de FranceVIE is an idea that we have toyed around with for some time. It’s finally happening today. The team will start out at a campground in Senots, to the north of Paris. After a day and a half of orientation and team building, the group will bike to Gisors (12mi one way) where they will visit a church plant for the day. On site, they will get the chance to meet French Christians and the church planting team, learn about how God is working and pray. Back to the campground.

The following day, the team will bike to Méru (9mi) for a similar visit and then on to Neuville-d’Aumont (6mi) in order to see the groundbreaking steps of a brand new work. Back to the campground.

Then we give them a day off. And the group specifically asked to organize a time of worship that night. The fellow campers will get to see what a true Kumbaya experience is like. Minus the campfire, no campfires in France.

The next day will be stretching. 70mi down to the Saint-Quentin area in order to visit a church plant in Montigny and a work amongst immigrant populations in another town nearby. While there will certainly be time to pray, the team will also attend a Gospel Café concert, help organize a grand barbecue for refugee families and worship with the local church on Pentecost Sunday.

Then the team heads in to Paris in order to visit our church plant and do some sightseeing.

The documents you see posted here are a few elements of the group’s welcome packet.

Would you pray with us for safety and good weather for our cyclists ? Would you pray that God would speak to each of the participants individually about their role in cross cultural ministry ?

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Are you interested in exploring cross-cultural missions in France ? Do you know a young person who is ?

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  1. Awesome. So sorry not to take part this year! Great planning and I know the execution will be as great! Excellent article. Will make sure to pray as the days go on!

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