New teammate introductions: Rob & Nichole

You guys are more like old friends than new teammates, can you give us a little background first?
Sure, we have been church planting in France since 2003. The first five years in Paris we helped establish a young adult movement, while cultivating house churches on the side. The next five years we helped launch a neighborhood church in the Latin Quarter, while cultivating house churches at the same time. We also spent two years in Dijon before returning to the greater Paris area.
How did you get connected to World Team? 
We first met World Team while volunteering in a pilgrim house on the Saint James Way where we served alongside a few families who were with World Team in Spain. After that, we connected with World Team France (France VIE), and after realizing we had the same heart and vision, we began to partner together in starting new communities of believers in France.
What project are you guys currently working on?
It is a new church plant in a southern suburb of Paris that is working through small group cells and house churches that are fueled by a discipleship movement.
What is one area in which you’ve seen God the most at work?
God has really given us opportunities to meet people and use our gifts: in leading groups, discipling individuals, and cultivating the presence of God in our own lives. As a result disciples are experiencing deeper spiritual disciplines and exponential growth. And neighbors are coming to our group who would have never set foot in an established traditional church.
How can our partners pray for you or your project this year?
  • May every disciple be a disciplemaker.
  • May French leaders join our team and spearhead new house churches in our network.
  • May partners join with us in prayer for the financial needs of the multiplication of house churches.
Thanks Rob and Nichole, we are thrilled you guys are working with World Team France!

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