New teammate introductions: Riley & Alissa

Bonjour! We are Riley & Alissa and we have been on the field in France now for one and a half years. We got connected to World Team through another couple that were childhood friends of Riley’s who had also followed the Lord’s call to France. We finished our first year in language school and quickly jumped into our internship with a French church where we are learning tons about the culture. Many people can be deceived into thinking that French culture is similar to American culture because we look similarly, but it truly is different even in the churches here. This year we have seen the great need for us to be humble learners as we sit back, observe and try to understand the thinking behind the actions and how the culture works here. This is so important and foundational as the Lord has called us to spend the rest of our lives in France. While continuing our internship, we have moved into the neighborhood of the French pastor and his wife with whom we will have the privilege of helping to plant a new church. Our hope and prayer is to plant a local church of believers living in the same neighborhood, which can be rare for Paris. We have already seen God moving in amazing ways as we have begun gathering together once a month. As we weekly meet new people in our neighborhood, we cannot help but give all the glory to the Lord as he creates these opportunities. You can pray for us that the Lord would continue to open doors, move in hearts and that we would be available and ready for Him to use us in any way that He would like to.

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