Mad in France 2017

Loud music thumping, massive crowd of people jumping, thousands of lights, fog machine, and lots of dancing, what does this sound like? A rock concert? I was thinking the same thing but this is exactly where God wanted three World Team workers and it was so much more than a rock concert.

Mad-in-France is a conference held every two years in France. It’s put on by French youth organizations for one purpose, reaching the French youth and creating enthusiasm and passion for Jesus. The style is loud and in your face. Lots of good upbeat music, rappers, dancers, artists, and a custom designed parkcours course (parkcours is more or less a crazy obstacle course).

World Team France was right in the middle of the action. We (Manu, Alissa, and me—Riley) were able to have a stand there during the three days. It was designed around the theme of Back to the Future. Apparently the old American movie is very popular with French youth, I asked a lot of the young people and they love this movie! The sign says, “Bien Partir pour Mieux Revenir!!” It means “Leave Well for Returning Better”.

Our vision is to send French youth away from their country so they will return better equipped and encouraged to share and engage their country with the Good News. We received a lot of strong feedback from the participants of the conference. Missions trips are not done as often as in most American churches, so a lot of the young people were very excited about the idea of going somewhere and engaging people with the Gospel.

For World Team France, we desire to have French people invest and work with us in making churches. One step in that direction is giving people the opportunity to work along side of us. Our hope and desire in participating at this conference is to get French young people thinking about being mission-minded.

Our goals at this conference:

  1. Get the name of World Team France (France Vie) out there
  2. Give the French youth a connection to short term missions
  3. Tell people about what World Team France is doing around Paris
  4. Walk by faith, challenging people, and trusting God with the results

One thought on “Mad in France 2017

  1. Way to go guys! Great job, great presence, praying for great results (though we may have to wait for our glory days to reveal them 🙂 ).

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