Day of Prayer: January 10, 2017

Our desire as World Team France is to kick off 2017 right by submitting ourselves before God for a full day of prayer, tomorrow, January 10, 2017. We have all pledged to pray for a one-hour block meaning that at least one person, although often more than one, will cover every hour during this 24 hour period. We are praying for God’s kingdom to come on earth, for the country of France and its people as a whole, and for each church and project that World Team France is currently involved in.

Will you join us in prayer tomorrow? Here is some fuel to get you praying.

  • For Jerry and Carolyn, our leaders, that they would have direction and strength to lead all the projects in France in a way that pleases God in 2017!

North Teams

  • The church in Meru: Pray for the leadership team and for new leaders from within the church to be raised up and equipped to lead this body in the coming years. Also, for the youth ministry there, that the young people would grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus.
  • The church in Gisors: For the leadership team, currently just one couple, that God would give them wisdom in how to guide the church, that new leaders would join them, and for members of their bible study.

South Teams

  • The church in Magny: For the Pastor and his wife and their ministry serving the church, and for God to provide a new meeting place that can accommodate the growing size of the church.
  • For the Barrs who teach English and art to kids in their community, that their school and other ministries would continue to flourish.
  • For the GospelCafé concert series this year in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines, that the team there would meet new people, continue to invest in their relationships, and that the house church would continue to grow in depth and size.
  • And also for a team that seeks to love and serve the ever growing population of migrants.

Paris Teams

  • For Riley and Alissa, who are interning with an established church in northern Paris, assisting with a new church plant, and continuing to learn French.
  • For Suzy and her church in central Paris to grow in spiritual depth, for her many personal relationships, and her women’s bible study.
  • For the Paris south team, that the church community would double in size in 2017, and that they would discover a specific way they can love and serve their area of the city.

As you can see, there is a lot going on so please join us and keep us in prayer this year!!

One thought on “Day of Prayer: January 10, 2017

  1. You have my thoughts and prayers. What a GREAT thing God is doing in France, in you all, and through you all! May you continue to be a blessing to French people and a conduit to their salvation. So glad to be able to be a part of the ministry and to know you wonderful people of God!

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