July 29: Day of Prayer for France

Following the most recent attack at a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF) has issued a call to prayer tomorrow and this weekend. And thus, we want to extend it to you as well. After the attack in Nice, their press release put it well: “Given that all agree these attacks are very difficult to predict and that no safety level could ever entirely prevent them, we urge all our countrymen to turn to God, the God of Jesus Christ, who alone is capable of changing the human heart and giving true peace.”

We have no memory of a public call to prayer and fasting like this one, which is also being covered by the media. It could likely become the largest day of prayer in recent history. What might God be orchestrating? Let us pray together that he would change hearts and grant repentance to a large number of the French population.

HERE is an international news story addressing the attack and religion in France.

Below is a translation of the press release sent by the CNEF regarding tomorrow’s day of prayer:

Dear colleagues, dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

The tragic attack that took place yesterday in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray against a priest and faithful member of a catholic church compels us to send out a pressing call to prayer.

We’ve already invited you to be in prayer in our press release from yesterday, but we’d like to insist on the importance of this for 3 reasons:

  • As a sign of Christian solidarity with Catholics who have been horribly devastated by this attack and are consecrating this Friday, July 29th to prayer and fasting;
  • Because the most helpful thing we can do for our country is to intercede on her behalf before God, asking that He would bring to naught the plans of those who want to take lives with the goal of sowing terror. We pray that God would pour out His peace on our citizens, the peace that the world does not know, fruit of reconciliation between God and man called to repentance and to salvation in Christ.
  • Because we have need of all His grace, and all the strength of His Spirit, to remain faithful witnesses, not usurping the beautiful name of Christ that we carry: loving even our enemies and blessing those who hate us, while continuing to proclaim the Gospel to all those God places on our path.

Concretely, we encourage you to seize all individual & collective opportunities to intercede this Friday July 29th and during this weekend’s worship times in favor of:

  • our country—that God would grant the necessary peace for the evangelical testimony among our contemporaries;
  • our authorities–that God would give them wisdom and discernment in governing and protecting our nation;
  • our population–that it would be touched with salvation in these troubled
  • our Christian brothers and sisters–that they would be faithful witnesses who do not give in to fear or desire for vengeance.

With our brotherly salutations,

Etienne et Clément
(on behalf of the CNEF board)

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