More Observations from our Intern

Kevin returns to describe a bit more of his experience at the Prayer Conference…

Over the last couple of days we’ve taken in a large variety of information that affected many emotions and feelings. It has been a long week and we have taken in a ton of information about France, the spiritual environment and the specific church plants. Although we were exhausted we were just as attentive as day one because each church plant is just as important as the other.

Our first stop was in the village of Chevreuse. The Barrs have a very different ministry that connects with French people deeply. Russell is a potter and graphic arts designer. Carol is an artist and teacher in her own right. Because of their arts background they have been holding art classes in their home for children. Additionally they have been teaching English lessons using the Bible for discussion. The French children and families have responded extremely well to this combination and their classes have outgrown their current space.

The second church plant that we visited is in a new, upper middle class town (Montigny-Les-Bretonneux) that includes the largest business district outside of Paris proper. The whole dynamic and atmosphere of this town is completely different from the narrow, old, and hectic atmosphere of Paris. The Manu and the Plasters have been building relationships and making contacts in several ways, including asking to pray for various strangers in the streets, and playing Christian music in a local bar. It is phenomenal how willing the World Team workers are to make themselves vulnerable in order to connect with the French.

Finally we visited another group ministering in a Muslim community outside of Paris. All of the church plants have their challenges but the additional challenge of penetrating the barrier of Islam made this stop an especially heart-warming one.

The diversity yet laser focus of World Team’s work in France is remarkable. Lasers are in focus and the same size no matter how close or far away from the surface they are directed. Although the team have to site and aim at targets of differing distances or different terrains, they all use the same laser focus of multiplying disciples and communities of believers. Please pray that God will do amazing things and work out all of the details for the teams to keep pursuing that simple, powerful purpose!

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