Announcing: Tour For France!

On Sunday July 24th, after three weeks of racing and a 3519 km “Tour de France,” cyclists from around the world will be ending their race up the Champs-Élysées in Paris.


That very same day, friends of World Team France from around the world will be getting on their bikes to support the SEEDS OF HOPE initiative, an event we’re calling the TOUR FOR FRANCE. Along with their sponsors each will be a big winner that day in bringing Hope to France.

We are looking for more participants! You can participate, whoever and wherever you are. Here’s how:

  1. Find some friends and a place to go ride your bikes on the weekend of July 23rd-24th. Decide on the distance together. You don’t have to be professionals taking out your road bikes. Go ride on the boardwalk or the rail trail or take your family on a tricycle ride! Be creative!
  2. Let us know your desire to participate by emailing carolyn.moyer (at) We’ll get you registered on the fundraising page.
  3. Spread the word around you looking for sponsors and collect donations by sending them to our site.
  4. When the day arrives, meet for your Tour For France in your corner of the world, have a great time, take some photos and videos for us, and spend some time praying for church planting work in France.

Interested in donating right away? Currently there is a team in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, and Word Team France members getting ready in Paris. Go find your favorite cyclist on our CrowdRise page and follow our progress there as we aim to raise $10,000. Then help us spread the word!

What is Seeds of Hope? It is a strategic three-year fundraising initiative to help launch more church planters in France. The focus is on helping new French and European church planters get started in ministry by funding internships, providing academic scholarships and other training opportunities, or offering a three-year launch fund to help a worker get started while securing the rest of needed financial support. All of the money raised goes directly to mobilizing, training, equipping and supporting new church planters in France. For more details about Seeds of Hope, go to A full project description and spending plan is available upon request.


(photo credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images,

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