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Most financial supporters aren’t all that eager to hear about the nuts and bolts of the mission and what goes on behind the scenes to make everything run. But the fact of the matter is, when your organization has 30+ members from 3+ countries with only one director in the office, it becomes more and more difficult to do things like distribute salaries, make sure benefits are in order, process financial gifts, coordinate calendars, respond to inquiries about our work, and keep everything moving ahead in order to focus on and achieve our goals.

All of those “boring” but highly necessary tasks are conveniently labeled “administration,” and France is notorious for the amount of “administration” it requires. World Team France is an officially-recognized government-registered association, set up to welcome (ie: employ) French and European members. This is a good thing that allows growth and flexibility, but it also comes with regulations to put and keep in place, and we cannot simply rely on the administration offered by our WT Sending Centres (US, Canada, Australia…)

These tasks typically become a burden on members who must volunteer their time to get the job done. The majority of our accounting, for example, is currently done by our treasurer and full-time church planter, Kevin. This method works, but it also means pulling people away from their ministry roles, people who may or may not be adequately gifted or trained in administration to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

The Seeds of Hope plan includes a section for providing administrative support, so that church planters can focus more fully on their task and so that we as an organization can position ourselves for further growth. This section of the plan includes paying a certified accountant each year to annually verify our work and make sure our donors’ money is being used correctly. This accountant has been working with us for the past several years.

Sylvie lac seeds of hopeThe good news is that we have received enough gifts toward Seeds of Hope in order to hire an administrative assistant one day a week. Let us introduce you to Sylvie, a member of the Magny church. She is French, married to an American, with years of experience in the hotel industry. She will be working at our office and assisting our director, Jerry, in a variety of administrative tasks. Let us assure you that her role will be absolutely vital and a big relief to all of us, especially Jerry! You’ll hear more about her in the days to come.

Your continued gifts toward Seeds of Hope would be used in part to hire her for an increased amount of time up to three days per week. Consider making your gift on the Seeds of Hope page and please contact us with any further questions.

Visit the Seeds of Hope page to understand more about the other sections of the initiative and contact us for the full project document.

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