Session 5 of national church planting Learning Community

Five members of World Team France traveled once again to Lyon this week for session five of the church planting learning community. These collaborations are organized by the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) and happen twice a year over the course of three years. Eight denominations or missions are present for a total of 40+ participants. Through wrestling over the issues at hand, the goal is to create a common vision and strategy as well as a sense of partnership as we pursue together the goal of 1 church for every 10,000 people in France.

Past sessions have focused on themes such as cultural relevancy, discipleship, and solutions to financial needs. This week’s meetings were centered on training church planters and their coaches.

The diversity of presenters was remarkable : A Spanish pastor motivating a church-led planting movement in Spain where they’ve seen 100 churches planted over the course of the past year, a training and mentoring cycle he’s also used in South America; a Francoamerican who shared some models he used while working for 15 years in the middle east and north Africa; and a Norwegian leader who, after decades of church planting in Norway, helped to evaluate their work and create a training system for church planters and their teams that is now being used across Europe (where Swedes are training French, Czechs are training Swiss, Romanians are training Latvians…see the video below.)

The need for more structured training has been on our minds for a while in World Team France, and the time working through these ideas was stimulating and motivating. But what is most encouraging at these learning community meetings is the sense of unity and collaboration across deno minational lines for the advance of the Gospel. It is exciting to hear of new church plant projects starting and multiplying across the country with young French leaders stepping up to the task. This sort of enthusiasm, direction, and momentum arguably did not exist even 10 years ago, and it is the big answer to many years of prayers that will surely continue bearing fruit in the future.

Your donations to Seeds of Hope go in part to further training and development of our workers, including the participation in these workshops. Thank you for making it possible. For more on Seeds of Hope, visit this page.

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