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Right now in an eastern suburb of Paris, one of the largest annual gatherings of French Evangelicals is taking place. It’s called Centre Evangelique, open to the public and offered to Christians across the nation. Besides seminars, worship, and other programs, nearly every major Evangelical denomination, mission, ministry, organisation, Bible school, and publishing house is present. And World Team France is among them!

Mobilization is the word we use for finding workers who are willing to join us. God has given us big dreams and led us toward ambitious goals, but often what is missing are the people. Recent mobilization efforts have led to a new wave of younger church planters from overseas in recent years, but we also desire to see more French and European teammates joining us to form multicultural teams.

So how do we go about mobilizing? At its core it’s a lot of networking. It’s knowing who is out there and what they’re doing, and then making sure they know about us and our work too. Next, it’s realizing we’re all in this together, and our common goal is to direct the people God has called to the right places. Centre Evangélique is a perfect place to do just that.

IMG_4020Another place to do the some of the same thing is MissionNet, a European missions conference for youth and young adults that takes place in Germany. This year we’ll be sending a Frenchman and a German with a larger team from WT Europe.

Or another example: several times a year our director and a few teammates travel to French seminaries and Bible schools to interact with students who are discerning where God is calling them to serve in the future. With a national, interdenominational church planting initiative now in place, more young people are aware of and interested in opportunities to participate in establishing new communities of faith.

If we want to launch more church planters in France, the first step is mobilizing: networking, making ourselves known, and finding those gifted and called to work with us. And this is why it is the first domain of our Seeds of Hope plan and fundraising initiative.

Part of your donations to Seeds of Hope will go toward these mobilization efforts. They’ve already paid for the stand we’ve put up at Centre Evangélique and for the registration fees for participating. (Thank you!!) Your gifts will send our two teammates to Germany for MissionNet, and they’ll take with them freshly printed brochures and other communication pieces also made possible by Seeds of Hope. In the meantime, besides giving, join us in praying for more workers to join us in the harvest. Pray that we would recognize the God-given potential in the people we meet.

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