Reaching the Finish line of the Paris-Versailles race

The sun was shining on Sunday and it was a beautiful day for a race. Seven World Team France members joined the 22,031 that came out to run the 10 miles from the Eiffel Tower to the Chateau in Versailles, while ten others joined in the 5K walk that borrowed the final route of the run. Congratulations to each of the participants for successfully finishing after months of preparation!

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We were also glad to be “joined” by a group of ten supporters in Pennsylvania who walked their own 5K Saturday morning in solidarity with us and who raised donations in their corner of the world. It was an encouraging display of support and partnership and we’re looking forward to seeing others join in similar ways in the future! Thanks, Team Coopersburg!photo(1)

In the end, we reached our fundraising goal and raised $5,665 thanks to your generous donations. Thank you to each one who gave! This money will go toward the Seeds of Hope initiative, being used for training and launching more church planters in France.

Just because the race is over does not mean the fundraising has ended, and if you did not donate to our race in time, the opportunity to give to Seeds of Hope remains. Feel free to learn more and give on this page, and stay tuned for further updates in the future.

Now, for the most curious among you, here is a video of what the Paris-Versailles race looks like…maybe you want to come run it with us next year?? (Save the date: Sept 25, 2016!)

One thought on “Reaching the Finish line of the Paris-Versailles race

  1. Hi World Team France,
    So excited to see that you made your goal and you are set for next year…
    Congrats to all!
    The Lord is always with you guys and helps you through your goals, one
    at a time….so neat to see this.
    Much prayers, love and hugs, Lynn Snyder

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